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Ya'll with me? Sure you are ;)
Monos - Here i Am
I'm a norwegian rapper, producer, singer, guitarist, well.. You name it. A gamer, an upcomming player (just give me time) A pimp (i wish) an idiot (Because i only played games at school but still went out with a B.) I make the shit i want to hear and i got a quite weird taste it seems, since none of my friends like what i like, but i like what they like because i like everything almost. And right now i'm unemployed, got work for me? And you live in norway or it is net based? .. Well what you waitin' fore, send me a friggin' message :)
Band/artist history
I started out early really it's a long story, but it was just a joke you know. Alittle kid, and a tape recorder talking shit with his friends telling jokes and recording it. Rhyming didn't start before i was in tenth grade, i made something for a schoolproject. (Make a video project) So i made a music video to my first and last song in that Era. I realised quickly that i hated my voice when i heard recordings later when i sang and shit.. AWFUL CRAP MAN, serriously. I died and stfu for like three years. I wrote some online battle shit but it all sucked ass. The weird thing about it, all i wrote sucked. But when i got older i started to realise why and what to do with it. I then started again writing some things in norwegian, like storries that rhymed and had fun with friends writing on MSN you know. Well it really got started when i was beggining to make beats. Well, if my voice sucks, maby somebody else can use this shit. Well, nobody did so i took matters into my own hands one da and recorded a norwegian fast car bangin' rap called Simons Symphony. Made for a guy simon that went to my class. The beat was done already, and it all started because he said: "Give me something that i can roam around with, pumpin' my bass you know" Something like that. Well i got addicted, i made more and more but people hated most of it. So i continued making beats and then i got myself a new mic, and really started putting out some shit. Everything is on my own beats if something else ain't written in the title.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No i produce shit and so on. Live shows gives me the creeps, because you will never get it 100% perfect on a stage, maby you say a word wrong, wrong sound, vocals ain't getting processed. Not saying it wouldn't be cool, so, maby in the future if i get a grand idea.
Your musical influences
Well, Shadowville productions should get props, the rappers in the warlab and some norwegian rappers in the "band" called Dirty Oppland. Who filled their raps with punches, which some of them i used like half a year to understand and laugh of. Really got me into this game since the other norwegian rappers were so whack, and belive me many still are. Eminem and the warlab, DZK, warbux and those guys. You just gotta love it. I also like Elvis, Jim reeves, Jhonny cash, Alan jackson, Micheal Jackson, Toby Emerson, Dr Dre, Ken ring, La coka nostra has some hot tracks, benny benassi, taylor swift, anything you know. I don't really follow artists, but songs. Nomatter who do them, if it's good, i'm on it. Eminem is a real favorite since his Albums (The first foremost) are not put together by Singles and fillers, it's all hits. 8 Mile is one of my favorite movies too. :) (And yah, souljaboy SUCKS!)
What equipment do you use?
The cheepest mic in the store, my El-guitar (Won't bother to check whitch brand it is), my computer with some old soundblaster card, some speakers and headphones. =P Hehe, and yah, FL Studio + Adobe Audition.
Anything else?
Yah, hate it or luv it. I digg my hobby right here. And i like new people and inspiration, and yah, comments! So GIVE IT TO MMEEEEE BABEEEH! ;)
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