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Jens Muegge
Jens Muegge
4 Tracks
Jens Muegge - overtone musician and jew's harp virtuoso from Berlin
Let it Flow
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Heart Song
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Love Song
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Once apon a time
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Jens Muegge - Solo: jew's harper from Germany and overtone musician found in his childhood a simple jew's harp and started to play traditional folk songs, melodies and improvisations. At that early period he did not know that jew's harp playing is a kind of overtone music. Later he started to learn guitar and didgeridoo by himself. 2001 he was introduced in overtone singing and increased his knowledge of polyphonic harmonic singing by Wolfgang Saus. Even though he sings overtones only by his listening and accompanies his overtone singing with guitar, Jew's harp, tambura, sansula, kalimba, springdrum, shrutibox, singing bowls and indian harmonium.
Band/artist history
Jens Muegge, musical autodidact grown up in Lower Saxony - Germany - in the Harz mountains near Osterode am Harz, an area with native rites - the best known is the celebration of Walpurgis night. At the age of twenty he left his hometown, lived in Bielefeld, Heidelberg and Goettingen to study comparative religion and philosophy for seven years, changed his career to work as an educator for handicapped persons and later as a Montessori pedagogue for little children. Now, because of his qualifications and talents he is able to guide persons with autism by the sound of his singing and guitar playing. He has now a special qualification to teach children in music and rhythm. He himself listens to the tunes of a song and feels the music in his heart and his heart maybe knows hundreds of various tunes which are revealed in his playing of the jew's harp, his favorite instrument. - Everything is in and an evolution.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
With friends in Berlin - Heilig Kreuzkirche and Passionkirche - Akazienhof - and solo: Oekowerk and Dodohaus
Your musical influences
David Hykes, Wolfgang Saus, Stuart Hinds
What equipment do you use?
My music is natural music without dubs or loops. The best space is a water tank or an old church. My instruments are guitar, Jew's harp, tambura, sansula, kalimba, springdrum, shrutibox, singing bowls and indian harmonium.
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