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Sean Donovan
Sean Donovan
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A young man with the passion for music and a message...
All Out War
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A small town young man with a burning passion and a message...
Band/artist history
I got my start almost 14 years ago (around Easter 2005 to be exact). I began recording a batch of 15 crappy acoustic demos on a simple Sony MiniDisc recorder and cheap microphone. The demos were not very good quality and some of them skipped, but they were there for referential purposes. A couple of years later, I received my first MacBook computer and, a little bit later, I bought a cheap $25 microphone and an iMic system to hook up to my computer. With that, I started recording some of the acoustic and full-band demos. Over the summer of 2008, after purchasing a Blue SnowBall mic and Toneport GX, I went back and re-recorded most of my songs I had at that point. After college, the live shows started coming around in my hometown. Granted, they were cover bands, but they got me comfortable with the stage. With the comfortability came stage presence, confidence in rolling through screw-ups and flubbed lyrics, and banter with the audience during the show. It was an eye-opening experience, and I hope to get back to it very soon. In the summer of 2014, I embarked on an adventure to write at least one song a week for one year. Equipped with new guitars, a new bass, decent mics, and a wealth of emotions after experiencing changes for the good and bad, I wrote over 100 songs in the course of 10 months (the project ended horribly, with inspiration lacking toward the end). In June 2015, a move to Nashville was in order. Since the move, I haven't been as involved in music (the live aspect), but the creativity has been ever present. I have an entire back catalog of unused chord progressions and riffs to utilize for later. Whatever comes of these ideas will be put into making an album to be put out in the spring of 2017. What happens in between now and then remains to be seen.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played live for several years after college. Definitely one of my special moments was my "last show" with my cover band Suspect (technically it was my third to last show). Really a bittersweet moment. People loved the energy I gave and the passion I had for music and creativity. It was hard to leave, but Nashville was the place I belonged, so it had to be done.
Your musical influences
David Gray, Death Cab for Cutie, Brett Dennen, Vance Joy, The Head and the Heart, Foo Fighters, Barenaked Ladies, Weezer, Andrew McMahon, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Elliott Smith, and Conor Oberst. Just to name a few... Each has their place in my music.
What equipment do you use?
INSTRUMENTS: - Taylor 114ce Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Fender Malibu Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Fender '72 Deluxe Telecaster Electric Guitar - Fender Mexican Stratocaster - Hofner Ignition Violin Electric Bass Guitar - Williams Allegro 88-key Electric Piano - Greg Bennett MA 2 E Mandolin - Lanikai LU-21T Tenor Ukulele - Taye 5 Piece Drumset with Sabian Cymbals (14" B8 Hi-Hats, 14" and 16" B8 Crashes, 8" B8 Splash, 10" AA Splash, 20" AAX Ride, 17" Holy China) - Hohner Harmonicas (A,C,D,E,G) COMING SOON: - Fender Modern Player Starcaster Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar EQUIPMENT: M-Audio FastTrack Pro Audio Interface M-Audio StudioPro 3 Monitors MXL 990/991 Condenser Microphones Blue e100 Condenser Microphone 21' Apple iMac with GarageBand and Logic Pro X
Anything else?
I find that the head and the heart are in a constant war with each other, and we're all trying to play peacemakers in the war. It's a battle that never ends. But within battles, there's always a ceasefire. Take advantage of these ceasefires, and make the most of what you can do with your life. You've only got one life, so live it to your expectations. And set those expectations high. There's only one way to go when you're down: UP!