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The Urban
The Urban
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The Urban was born on November 1st, 1992. The Urban is a lyricist, writer, director and producer.
Hello, Welcome to my page.
Band/artist history
Vinh Dina was born on November 1st, 1992. Known as his stages names as The Urban or Mistah Flipside, he is known a lyricist, writer, director and producer. He found his ambition to rap at the age of 13, which was 1 year after embracing his love for poetry in 6th grade. The Urban went by the names of D'Money and Urban D. in his junior high years under the influence of rap artist 50 Cent and was always challenged freestyle battles. With no studio equipment during his freshmen year in high school, The Urban wrote many songs been had the opportunity to record any of them. It was until the summer of freshman year in 2007, The Urban's first song named, "You Think" was released but it would be his last song recorded until one year later. Using his "Rock Band" USB microphone, The Urban recorded bootleg low quality songs due to his lack of knowledge of mixing skills and lack of recording equipment. The Urban received his necessary recording equipment on his 16th birthday, but his ambition to record faded due to his lack of inspiration that he has lost over the months. In February 2009, The Urban re-met Kid Shine previously first met in December and made a collaboration and Kid Shine's first song, "Unconditional Love" was released. Due to this, The Urban's ambition to record was brought back, and his game was back in the game better than ever. Due to his different outlooks on life and perspectives, The Urban had suffered through hatred and harsh critics which fans of the mainstream hip-hop genre had given him. With The Urban's mature and deep thoughts in life, threats to him did not phase him as he did not care about that type of foolish behavior. Since stepping back into the game in the summer of 2008, he is experienced and ready for anything, following one of his goals to be a respected MC. Hoping to make it one day.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the moment, No. I wish to perform more often but I pretty go live with my peers.
Your musical influences
Diggy Simmons, Nas, Jin
What equipment do you use?
Samson C01U Adobe Audition 3.0 Cool Edit Pro 2.0 Mixcraft 4.0
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