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I like to write from real life experiences.Either in my own or others around me. Always been an excellent observer. Used it to my advantage!why not?
Leonard - singer/Songwriter/producer/poet,composer,actor,chef,comedian,actor,business man, great person to hang with!Watch me unfold! PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE!
Band/artist history
Started writing dongs in the 8th grade in school with friends. Took that and started writing poetry, raps and over the eyars developed and decided this where my passion and love it. Singing wise I alsways sang. backseat of the car as a child, with my family then decided to join choir in high school. Been working on the vocals ever since and decided then this is where my heart is
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have a few times in high school. The "actual Debut" coming soon!
Your musical influences
I like to listen to everything. Vocally I love Faith Evans , Monica , Brandy ,J Holiday ,JMoss, Dave Hollister and Jazmine Sullivan to name a few. Songwriting/Production wise its The Neptunes, B-Coz, Lashawn Daniels, Sounds, Sterling Sims, Missy , Tc (Yeah)(vocally too), I mean anything creative,beautiful and soulful!
What equipment do you use?
Reason 4.0 M-Audio KeyRig Cool Edit Pro 2.0 M-Audio Session:Producer Edition Dell Computer So Far. Building up the empire
Anything else?
Check out the music. Features my own solo music!Be on the lookout for more music from my created business with Ms Marie Simone (The Pen'd Factory) and from THE NOTEBOOK! COMMENT AND RATE PLEASE