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Custom beats for low prices. All beats have a unique feel to them. Contact me for pricing and leasing information. My AIM screen name is NobiXVii and my email i
Sheer Horror
Wicked Drumz
In the Club
When your music needs a little bit extra bump let Nobi Productions hook you up! From Crunk to Horrorcore to Hip-Hop, we have that sound you need! Beats listed on this soundclick are usually leased for around , depending on the beat. Some will be cheaper, but it will never be more than this. Beat will be delivered through internet only in a 320kbp/s MP3 file. Exclusive rights are flat out. Once purchased you will recieve either a 320kbp/s MP3 file, or a CD can be mailed to you with a Wav file and/or all the tracked out files in wave format for better EQ control. Ofcourse the shipping will be free in the United States. Custom beats vary in price depending on the amount of time spent developing a beat. satisfaction guaranteed. If the beat is not exactly what you are looking for then we will either try again or refer you to someone who can do it for you. The artist can be involved as he wants to be and can dictate when and where the chorus and drops will be. If you want us to produce a track for you to achieve maximum satisfaction we will do it at a rate of per track. This includes everything, vocal enhancements, mixing, post production and mastering. We will even help promote the track for you if it is a single. And ofcourse you will get that sound you expect from a Nobi Production. Don't let the cheesy MS Paint images on this soundclick fool you, Nobi Productions is also the place for you to get all your artwork needs for your projects or for your website. Portfolio coming soon so you can see what we bring to the table as far as enhancing your product goes. Pricing on this will vary by client and type of work however. CD art will start at for a CD Jacket, a booklet, and a CD cover. Web design will start at bucks also for completely designed, professional 5 page layout. I will provide you with a template and the ability to add extra pages if you wish. If you drop me a line at the email be sure to tell me what beat you want and the type of rights you want. All mail will be replied to in 2 to 3 business days.
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Nobi Productions is all about the local hip hop scene, and if it aint supplying fresh ass beats to local acts to bump on stage, its about promoting our own artists and finding any venues that would be a success for them to perform at.
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Don't sleep on Nobi Productions. We could be what you need to take that next step in the game.
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