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In the Morning (Original)
Composed 5/26/2014 and played on a good buddy's Guild DV72 tuned to G#
Maddie's Moon (SouthWesterly)
SouthWesterly collaboration withFlorida singer/songwriter Dave Jacobs.
Rebecca (SouthWesterly)
Ken Smith & Dave Jacobs are 'SouthWesterly'. The singing/songwriting duo collaborate singing/songwriting, acoustic guitar, and music production talents between the states of Texas and Florida.
Song Down Here Somewhere (SouthWesterly)
'SouthWesterly' collaboration with Florida singer/songwriter Dave Jacobs. Dave plays/sings Ken's original tune and adds the 'bridge'.
Cold Heart (SouthWesterly)
Collaboration with Florida singer/songwriter Dave Jacobs. Dave plays/sings Ken's original tune.
Retired military solo artist; Tex/Americana/Folk singer/songwriter. 'Scratch' is my military handle and TexScratch a stage name just for the purpose of having a stage name, I suppose... Let's Talk Guild (LTG) guitar forum friends inspired many tunes and the inclination to purchase far too many Guild Guitars over the years...
Band/artist history
Solo singer/songwriter until May 2012 collaboration to create 'SouthWesterly' with Florida recording artist, Dave Jacobs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Monthly at Ninfa's Lakeside Restaurant Garden Room...Canyon Lake Texas.
Your musical influences
Americana leanings: Fave artists: Neil Young, Dylan, Willie Nelson, Guy Clark, Kris Kristofferson, Rodney Crowell, CSN, Jackson Browne
What equipment do you use?
Guild, Gibson & Santa Cruz 6 & 12 string acoustics; Marshall amps; Lee Oscar harps
Anything else?
Folks at times refer to some of my music as melancholy/somber. I'll admit that to about 60% or so of the tunes I compose. We all have trials in life; I tend to write about mine as personal therapy. Many relate to special family members, friends or acquaintances.
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"Song Down Here Somewhere", nice tune exlnt lyrics. Mark Hermann was not only my friend but a true brother with whom I travelled all over N.A. He will always be missed. His site should always stay up. He turned me on to your music. Am thankful for it. Keep it up.
Scratch, I strummed along with you on the JF30-12. When I get the lyrics down, I'll record it and e-mail it to ya. Everything about this song fits like a well-cut puzzle. I hope I can inject the passion you have. Well Done Brother!
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