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Over Me
Over Me
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(a mixture of) funk, rock, pop, soul, from bangkok, Thailand.
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'Over Me' is a rock-based funky bluesy band from Bangkok, Thailand. It represents a good combination of; - a nerdy ex-office worker, hardcore-metal-headed engineering graduate, 'Non', on drums. - 'Pete', a freshly graduated theatrical artist with a high pitch vocal - a political science graduate freshly out of a time machine from the 80's hair band days for a guitarist called 'Pomme'. - 'Fai', and a full-grown out of punk-feminism-anti socialism, Paul McCartney-wannabe, law graduate as a bassist. (That definitely sounds too hard to put a finger on what is going on with Over Me. That's why YOU MUST LISTEN for yourselves.)
Band/artist history
We're all members of the university music club called 'C.U. Band' (Chulalongkorn University Band). That's where we met and decided our future in music making together. Starting from the campus' annual battle-of-the-band, we began writing our own stuff and signed up for more band contests around Bangkok. A year after we graduated, free from textbooks, thesis and tests. We have released our first self-made E.P. album called "Sle(E.P.)ing" in November 2007. The E.P. consists of 6 tracks of music with many musical influences form each member like rock, funk, pop, soul, but mainly based on rock music with funky bluesy feelings. Later on in the late 2007, we've won the 1st prize of U Band Battle music competition and got an opportunity to make a compilation album with other 8 local indie bands who was in the final round altogether, which is called "U Band Battle: Project I". In April 2008, Over Me was nominated for "Best Newcomer" by the honorable Fat Radio, the most famous indie music radio station in Thailand. Now, besides playing live shows, we're writing songs for our new album which is coming soon.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We're trying to play as many live shows as possible. Playing live is the best part of this job.
Your musical influences
individually, our musical influences are; Non's -- Metal, Post rock, Alternative, Japanese metal/rock bands such as Thrice, Gulneryus, Thee michelle gun elephant, etc. Pomme's -- funk, 70's - 80's rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Extreme, Mr. Big and other guitar heroes I can't spell the names. Pete's -- R n' B, Motown, artist such as Bobby Mcferrin, Michael Jackson, etc. Fai's -- old school rock and roll, punk, 90's alternative, bands such as The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, The Dead Kennedys, Ramones,Oasis, Radiohead, Muse, System of a Dowm, etc. Throwing all our musical influence in a stew pot, we've cooked a funky-grooved rock music with a retro guitar hero-like sound, a melodic bass line and a soulful bluesy melody vocal.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars, basses, drums, percussions, Amplifiers, Anything that produces good sound.
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