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Rich Goldin
Rich Goldin
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Ambient, electric, piano, synthesizers, rock, intense, beautiful
The new project is called "Elements". Each piece draws upon the same simple core expanding melody. This is the first time I've favored the clean electric sound. I've always been a fan of thick distortion, DiMarzio Tone Zone pickups, top-end Ibanez guitars and Fender Stratocasters. Each of these pieces have been very difficult to record for some reason, but it appears that the final result has been worth the effort. Rich Goldin has been working on an inspired soundtrack recently. Some of the themes are presented here. The soundtrack collective work was inspired by a group of novels about "the old country" and a cat who isn't quite as he seems. Hopefully, these pieces will be accepted as part of the soundtrack for an upcoming theatrical release. If not, well, they're available here. Unfortunately, the main title theme approached 14 minutes in length. Sadly, many of these sites do no allow uploads of files larger than 10,000 kbs. An edited version will be available shortly. Rich Goldin's new CD is entitled "Falling Stars". The tracks were recorded completely on the KRISTAL Audio Engine. The ambient progressive rock CD demonstrates compositional and instrumental virtuosity. Falling Stars will be available for sale starting October 2008. Falling Stars Performances: Rich Goldin: Guitar, bass, piano, synthesizer Rich Goldin Jr: guitar track composition on "Orion" Moe Vfushateel: Drums
Band/artist history
Richard always had an interest in music. He started his musical career when he was but six years old. He studied classical piano at The New England Conservatory Prep, Wellesley, MA and from there developed an interest in guitar. His first guitar was an old acoustic special given as a Christmas present from his mother. Of course, he broke all the strings while attempting to tune it to various pop songs back in 1967. He was much interested in The Monkees, The Beatles and other readily available LPs at the time. He bought his first electric guitar from a friend while in junior high school and adeptly plugged it into an old tube tape recorder, using it as an amplifier. From there, he purchased Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells LP and developed an interest in multi-track recording. He also found a distinct liking to Deep Purple's Machine Head and Jethro Tull's Aqualung. Each of these albums featured influential guitarists, Ritchie Blackmore and Martin Barre, respectively. Richard put together his first band after being influenced by a local hometown band, Sufferin' Blye. His first band was Ace High, and they covered songs from the pop artists of the time, i.e., 1973 - 1979 including, Deep Purple, BTO, The Beatles, Steve Miller, Boston, Bad Company and many more. Richard attended Northeastern University where he received his B.S. degree in Journalism. He kept on plugging with his original act, Tiger Rose featuring various talents including Larry Grab of Grab Brothers Band fame. Tiger rose performed dutifully at various Boston night clubs eventually earning the Saturday night spot at the long gone Jack's, Cambridge, Mass. Tiger Rose started as a hard rock oriented outfit and progressed to a more pop/keyboard laden sound, which was popular through the 1980s. When Tiger Rose split in 1985, he eventually reunited with Larry Grab in his new band, Napaj. That band featured Grab's brother Marc on guitar with Richard taking on the keyboard, bass and additional guitar roles that the band required. Napaj enjoyed success with a four song EP entitled "Child". Additional recordings included "Coming and Going", "The Toy", "Keeping Up With Changes" and "Finer Than Diamonds". Richard married in 1991 and moved with his new wife and son to Boise, Idaho where he discovered the open mike night at Tom Grainey's. His new found friends included Rebecca Scott. She invited him to join the band filling in for the late Vicki Stagi as guitarist, keyboardist and bass. Richard also created a wonderful cover song band called Key 36 which featured material from the 60s through the 90s.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not any more.
Your musical influences
Ritchie Blackmore, Mike Oldfield, Wes Montgomery, Larry Carlton, Jethro Tull, Miles Davis etc.
What equipment do you use?
Line6, Fender, Ibanez, D'Addario, D-R, Marshall, Vox, M-Audio, Kristal Audio Engine, Audacity, Monster Cable
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