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Little Charlie
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One Guy - One Guitar - One Chair - One Bottle - One Blunt
- Living Blues Magazine - "Little Charlie delivers with all the earthy grit of the Mississippi delta...keeping authentic country blues alive" - guitars and vocals by Little Charlie. - Hohner harmonicas (cross harp) by Brick Marlin... on "Caress Me Baby" & "You Got a Strange Way" Hello folks! Welcome to Little Charlie's Blues Music Website . For more info you can email me at littlecharlie.blues@gmail.com
Band/artist history
I am 59 years old. Playing guitar since 1970. The Blues "really got a hold on me" in 1971 and I started playing out in 1989 in Prescott,AZ at Willow Creek Inn. It was my first ever 'open mic' and it went really well. Patrons bought me drinks afterward. I have not stopped since. I also did a studio recording (at De Cave Studios in PrescottAZ) of one of my first ever songs "Homeless Street People" and got radio play time across AZ. I have been mentored by Robert 'Luke' Lucas who until his passing in 2008 was touring as front man for Canned Heat across Europe. Also mentored by Bob Hodge in AZ who has performed with Bruce Springsteen. Mr. B B King, who I was privileged to see in concert in Vicksburg,MS in 2008, is in his mid-80's and does over 200 shows a year as of 2010. At age 59 I figure I have 20 or more decent years left in me. Guess I'm gonna find out - for myself.....eh? If I might be so fortunate as to keel over and die while playing it would be my preferred way to make my exit from this world.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
YES! I play live every chance I can find. Open mic, benefit gig or a $$ gig they're both the same to me as an artist. After all I owe it to my own soul, and my ability to cope with the world, to play music for my own benefit and therapy and as well just maybe someone else will be able to relate to my Blues and get a measure of relief or at least realize that hard times and trouble come to everyone. Sadness, heartache, misery, and just plain old 'bad luck' are an equal opportunity 'employer'. No one ever escapes from those totally. No gigs lined up yet for spring-summer 2010. I'm doing a little traveling this year but more for site seeing and pleasure than for musical reasons. This fall I expect to perform at a couple Blues festivals..more on that later... Thank you for reading. 'Little Charlie'
Your musical influences
Son House,Little Walter,Howlin' Wolf,Muddy Waters,John Lee Hooker,RL Burnside,Mississippi John Hurt,Snooks Eaglin,Jimmy Reed,Big Bill Broonzy,T-Bone Walker,Johnny Winter,Carlos Santana,Jimmy Page and my late, great personal Blues mentor Robert 'Luke' Lucas.
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha APX-700 acoustic-electric guitar - Rogue style-O brass body resonator guitar - Behringer Ultracoustic ACX 900 combo acoustic amp - Behringer UB802 mixer - SM58 vocal stage mic - MXL 990 studio condenser mic for home studio use - (2) ART vacuum tube mic pre-amps. Various cables , stands, etc
Anything else?
Still looking for blues cross-harp player for gigs and studio work. Email me at littlecharlie.blues@gmail.com
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