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The Rancid Grave Angels
The Rancid Grave Angels
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This is a nightmare
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After starting back in 2003 we have had members come and go like many bands.After working really hard to get 2 demos made and play a few gig's the band came to a stop mid 2007.I kept trying to write new songs on my own and kept the site going.After writing a song called Trapped in a twisted dream D-Kay decided that he'd like to get back into playing again.Now it's back into writing a new demo to hopefully get out there and back into playing some gig's.Hope you like what you hear and see and to our fans that have been with us over the years Thanks for sticking with us. Deaddoll New Demo Coming Soon Deaddoll-Vocals and Samples D-Kay -Guitar We looking for a New Bass Player sadly we have had to let sindel go.If intrested please get intouch with us or deaddoll.You must live around the mablethorpe/alford area or be able to get here for practise cheers
Band/artist history
It's been a rought few years to get where we are today with members coming and going.But i think once we get a new bass player we might finally get somewhere this time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We did used to play live but the band split due to members not putting the effort in.But now me and D-Kay have got started again hopefully we'll be giggin again soon.
Your musical influences
Wednesday 13 has always been a big influence on this band musicaly and just from been himself but also bands like Psyclon 9,Dawn of Ashses and Columbine
What equipment do you use?
D-Kay uses a Laney half stack and a Esp F-Series Deaddoll-Fruity loops music creator With many other types of musical equipment
Anything else?
Check us out at- www.myspace.com/therancidgraveangels http://vampirefreaks.com/therancidgraveangels