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Camira isn't your typical Aussie rapper. He brings something fresh and new, and completely eliminates that Aussie beer & barbie sound that is so common througho
I have always been enthralled by Hip-Hop from a young age. Growing up with an older brother and sister who were into the likes of N.W.A, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and 2Pac, it was inevitable I would grow to love Rap music aswell. I grew up in Salisbury Downs, South Australia for the first 8 years of my life before my family moved to the small country town of Mannum. I was still influenced by Rap music rather than the Rock and Country that was all around me. I had a pretty rough school life, not getting along with the teachers and constantly getting detention and suspension every other day, so when I was 16, my family relocated to Salisbury. This was when I really started focusing on rap more seriously. The first song I wrote was back in late 2004, and I've never looked back. In late 2007 I completed my first mixtape "The Birth Of A Legend". My second mixtape entitled "The Other Side Of The Tracks" was finished in April of this year, and is able to be downloaded through my official website...www.realdealcamira.com. I have collaborated with numerous rappers, such as IceCold N Deezy from Mississippi, Los from New York, Teacher Preacher from Georgia, President A.C from Memphis, Don Tino from Texas, Tru Colorz from Sydney, Legacy and Tru Blue, both from South Australia and I have a song with Hyjak N Torcha to be released soon. I'm part of the 4-5-6 Movement out of New York started and run by rapper/producer Syncere. It's a worldwide movement. www.myspace.com/syncere456
Band/artist history
I've been doing this music for about 3 and a half years. Over that period of time, I have recorded and put out 2 mixtapes, "The Birth Of A Legend" in late 07, and "The Other Side Of The Tracks" in April of this year(08). I have alot more material than the 2 songs I have up, and when i research whether or not I can upload music with jacked beats, I will upload more. In the mean time, to hear more of my music, visit www.myspace.com/camira, www.myspace.com/camthephenom188 or my reverbnation site www.reverbnation.com/camira. Thankyou
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played shows around Adelaide, in the Northern Sound System complex in Elizabeth, Red Square in the city of Adelaide and The Governor Hindmarsh. There was a show I did at Red Square, which is a club in the city, and my whole set, there was a girl at the front, staring at me and screaming. When I got to her side of the stage again, I put my hand out to touch her, and she started screaming and rushed the stage, touched my hand and ran back to where she was. It was crazy. After my show for charity at The Governor Hindmarsh, I was signing copies of my mixtape for about 15-20minutes, and a girl asked me to sign her shoe...that she'd bought that day specifically for the show...I was like "Ahhhhh, you sure??? O.k".
Your musical influences
First and foremost, good hip-hop. Good hip-hop influences me to make good hip-hop. My aim is to be the best, so when I hear something good, or great, it motivates me to be better than them. I'm constantly working hard and evolving as an artist, and I believe the game is too.
What equipment do you use?
I don't have a DJ, it's just me, all I need is a mic, and some sorta stereo system to play my music, and I'm good to go. Pretty basic.
Anything else?
www.realdealcamira.com...my official website, is being re-created, so stop through and bookmark it to keep up to date with me and everything I'm being involved in. Also, my myspace pages www.myspace.com/camira and www.myspace.com/camthephenom188 please add them and drop me a line and let me know whether you're feeling my music. Thankyou