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Smoke-Dangerous For Yo Health
Smoke-Dangerous For Yo Health
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Smoke-Dangerous For Yo Health is a talented young artist and the founder of The Usual Suspectz Music that was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio.
I'm A Warrior
Smoke-Dangerous For Yo Health is a young, down to earth, multi-talented Hip Hop artist that was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio. A lot of his written lyrics were influenced by the many experiences he's received in life and the struggle that he has went through to get where he is today BUT those are far from his only topics. "I can do tracks on damn near anything because I've experienced just about everything life has to offer good AND bad". He started out "rapping" around the age of 12-13 for fun but as he progressed in life the young artist realized that he had developed a talent and started recording on cheap karaoke mic's etc. to take his talent to a new level. He is now 19 and continues what he has started years ago but at an exceptional level. He also does his own graphic designs/coding for his CD Covers, Web Pages, etc. so that his vision isn't blurred metaphorically. If you have any further questions you know how to get in touch.
Band/artist history
There is no history for me because I am the future not the past.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. I don't "play" live often but I've had my share of performances in Lorain and Cleveland, OH. I've had offers to perform across the country everywhere from Florida to Washington but I prefer to stay local.
Your musical influences
Any and every artist that stays true to their beliefs
What equipment do you use?
Adobe Audition for recording and editing, FL Studio 7 (don't really use it tho), KCM condenser mic, and tha'ts it for the whole music process.
Anything else?
Need animated graphics or picture work in general, album covers etc? Hit me up, I do it all! Check out examples of my work on my myspace everything you see on there is done by ME: http://www.myspace.com/smokedangerousforyohealth
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