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The Mighty Bard
The Mighty Bard
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Emotive, Eclectic, powerful music you can LISTEN to !
Bard are immersed, but not limited by the Progressive Rock genre. With influences as diverse as Genesis, All About Eve, Foo Fighters, ELO. Queen, Dream Theater, Soul Asylum, Camel, Roxy Music, Hawkwind, they were never going to stick to one sound. The music is written in the moment, without any forced direction - but with stacks of keyboards, melodic guitar solo's, complicated timing changes, and fantastic solo's the result is inevitable, gleefully honest and undoubtably Progressive Rock.
Band/artist history
The Mighty Bard were formed in 2004 by Dave Clarke (lead guitar) and Neil Cockle (keyboard) to bring to life ideas which had been kicking around for years. Dave plays guitar, and writes many of the song lyrics and composes the music along with Neil. Neil Cockle (keyboards, synthesisers and assorted strange noises) has played keyboards with many bands, including "Silmarillion", Sean Burke - ex "Tubeway Army", "The White Lines", "New Music", "Starlight Cruiser" and many more. He plays a mix of modern keyboards and some lovely old kit such as the ARP Solus and the Moog to put out a wonderful live keyboard sound. Neil has written the music for many of the songs performed by the Mighty Bard. Gavin Webb (vocals) was discovered around a drunken camp-fire acoustic session, singing along melodically and with passion. The king's shilling was slipped into the bottom of his beer mug and he was duly press ganged into the band. Gavin also writes some of the band's lyrics, drawing upon his stock of poetry. The original drummer Aleem, has recently been replaced with Ian Sands, then Andy Dovey a professional drum tutor and instrumentalist of great pedigree. Andy's addition to the band has taken it to new heights. Mark Cadman - "Cad" (bass) has been playing guitar for 30 years, initially playing classical guitar and then discovering the wonders of electricity to play rhythm guitar with "Late" along with Dave. A good friend of Dave's, he joined TMB to play bass. Bringing the band together spawned a wealth of musical talent and ideas, The Mighty Bard have released their first Album 'Blue God and Other Stories'. The Progressive Rock label is a convenient one to hang on The Mighty Bard, but all this really means for them is that they don't feel constrained by producing a particular style of music. The album ranges from the dreamlike "Placidity" with its delicate melodies, to the huge "I Know" with its varying rhythms, complex structure and all important ARP solo. The music they write is for themselves, with the hope that someone else may appreciate it too.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes - love it, whenever we can.
Your musical influences
early Genesis, Marillion, Pink Floyd, All About Eve, Roxy Music, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Kate Bush, Rush, Dream Theatre, Suzanne Vega, David Bowie, Sting, Queen, Classical music, anything else we've ever listened to, life in general, autumn leaves falling delicately, gentle breezes caressing them on their way to the soft grass below... nurse, he's off again, NURSE!...
What equipment do you use?
Stacks of keyboards (Korg, Moog, etc..), MesaBoogie, Trace Elliot, Gibson, Ibanez, TC Electronic, Fender, Rocktron, Marshal,