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Indietronic, Electronica, D«n«B, Drum and Bass, Ambient, Experimental, New Age, Leftfield, Telefon Tel Aviv, TTA, Apparat, Pulseprogramming, Massive Attack, Lam
Cubehog is Maike and Ivo. Its that simple. At first, ha! We both have a similar understanding of how music should be made and within this project we try to do complex music which still has to remain accessible to all people. I dont want to exclude a potential audience by using "some really weird sounds" yet we try to explore new territories when it comes to sounddesign and the use of instruments. Basically we try to find a common language and make our music more meaningful just by striving for a well balanced compromise. The most obvious is probably Maikes voice and my role as the producer. But it changes since Maike records her vocals by herself and I try to give some hints of what might work well in the "singing department". Also I am involved in some backing vocals.
Band/artist history
We both have a hc/sxe-background. We played in local hc/sxe-bands and I certainly like the lifestyle of staying focussed and healthy. I dont like the preaching part so I skipped on that one. If you have to smoke, you probably have to do it. If you need to drink your nightcab, go ahead. Its your choice. Otherwise postrock bands like Tortoise, Joan of Arc made a big and lasting impression resulting in a not so covential but still strictly structured rhythmic understanding. Maike is 28 yrs old, I am 32. As a force we almost qualify for retirement. Its about time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Wed like to play more often. Unfortunately almost all the bookers think if its electronic it isnt live and on top of that they assume rock as the ultimate live music. Gimme a break;). No, seriously. We do our best to make it an enjoyable live experience for both us and thus we can this feelings with an audience. Like any other live bands does it.
Your musical influences
Telefon Tel Aviv, Apparat. Murcof, Sylvain Chauveau, Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah, Sunny Day Real Estate, Claude Debussy, Dmitri Shostakovich, Maurice Ravel, Pulseprogramming, Seba and/or Paradox, Klute, Kryptic Minds, Quicksand, Helmet, 108, Converge, Ida, Joan Of Arc. Make Believe, Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, Sam Prekop, Don Caballero, Battles, Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto
What equipment do you use?
Mainly Plug-Ins (Absynth, Virus Powercore, Reaktor Session) but theres one important piece of hardware. Its an EMU E5000 solely for basses. I use Ableton as my DAW and I use it proudly. I have midified Godin guitar which is extremely important as a composers aid. And we have a nice mic a TLA Ivory 5050 preamp and a Motu 828 MkII USB-converter. I use Alesis MkII as my studio monitors and got used to them. Theyll do it for quite a while.
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