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D.E.A.D. H.O.O.D.L.U.M.
D.E.A.D. H.O.O.D.L.U.M.
Chicago, IL  USA
July 25, 2008
7,262 plays
AEA Zine called us non Euclidean in 2010. Satan's Scrotum came from Exist in the fall of 2001. Being involved in so many different projects during these years leading up to 2008, SS, Exist said within weeks, "Just joking," we changed that band to Ritual Static. Chico introduced me to Decrypt in 2001, summer, and I got an idea for a new band by 2003, when I recruited Nate and Chico for a 3 piece experimental grind death metal band, in which I then called Satan's Scrotum. It seemed to fit likewise because we attended underground experimental punk metal bands at the fireside from 2002-2004. Chico mentioned we should start a band that would fit in with some of these bands here. The goal would have been to make an attempt at possibly playing shows there, during this time, but older people already seemed to have this scene flooded and locked in some exact thing. Chico always said I think we sound like some of the bands that played here, experimental, grind, death, punk, alternative metal, like suicide note, turn pale, KA, Dillinger escape plan, leftover crack, the esoteric, kitchen knife conspiracy, Amish armada, and tons more. For a second, Chico and I wanted to use Chico's Prizon as the band name, and recruit 3-5 more members, but It never worked. To some extent even Satan's Scrotum was a short lived project, that ended up being more of a studio project with hopes of taking the stage. Chico's Prizon ended up sort of being the side project used as an excuse to release leftovers and scrapped materials, just because. Satan's Scrotum became the project $1000's of dollars went into recording, and CP was recorded for free, always. The chain of command typically ended up in this sort of fashion for a while, until Burton agreed to a few songs in his studio in 2006. Immediately CP proved they could do good things also.
Band/artist history
I drummed for Deprived State since 2000, and we fought hardcore. I went solo with my bible called Driving Thru Gary as a result. Initially, I recorded it in the fall of 2001, or 2002 under Stevie Hayes, Gutter. Later, I renamed it as Satan's Scrotum and Frankenstoner. I recorded this album, 4 different times total, in different places, the last time with jay Haley on drums on guys gone wild tour 2006, thru Mike in Long Island, for a cassette tape on new Amerika, never released. 2003, only ended up being one great jam. We came back in 2004 spring, with a mini tour booked up with Tommy Nugz on drums, like back in 98, but different, and these guys backed out destroying my tour. Aliment had the greatest home video, in the entire USA on the date of this tour, March 2004, goes to show, the Esoteric was right. Sometimes you just gotta do it anyway, despite all odds, if you're just there to fucking rock!. Nugz and Chico don't share this attitude. Ironically, we would have received god like treatment from Aliment in NJ, if i could have got these guys to show up, and it's on their home video. 2004, is where I started to then call this project The Stevie Hayes band out of some secret internal ss band name insecurity, but nothing was ever official. I kept that secret, until now. I drifted back and forth, then, between The Stevie Hayes Band, and Satan's Scrotum, on a quest, for years, pushing for the impossible, against impossible odds, in the land where the answer is always no.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, often as a one man band. Somehow, I once counted about 35 shows, I have performed, in one way, or another, in the past, using my stretching technique. It's like Married with Children, when he puts water into the milk, to stretch it out further. This is what my show-performing days, in garages, basements, living rooms, & dives, was like. A couch surfing mentality, but with a twist. We pushed forward a revolution, on Guys Gone Wild Tour 2006, and had a-lot of help, from knowledgeable peoples, back then. This revolution led to what just happened at the capitol building. I helped that mentality, along, back in 2006, with all the others. If I was president, we'd attack all the problems, in the USA, and do stuff like that, weekly, for years. It's never gonna be enough for me, the amount of InSirErection that will have to be done, to all 50 states, to reverse this thing, into how it should have been for 200 years now, of the incompetent, destroying these places, into the ground. The big issue with me, is that I am educated, and I just could never relate to dips. I am a little bit like Stern, actually, after-all, ironic. Listen Stern. "Who the fuck are these people?, I can't relate to these people, I never could, in fact." I met a couple of skinheads, for the first time, in 1990, in which I didn't know who they even were, back then, & more, and guess what? I couldn't relate to them, since day 1. Them, juggaloes, and Primus types, black trenchcoats, are all just a bunch of "dirty water," to me. Always were. Seinfeld covered it also, I can relate to that 1 quote, "who are these people, and why are they here."
Your musical influences
I support, Don't Wake Up! Don't Growed Up! "If you growed up, dat means you made a mistake." - My K.K.K. I support "Go Up," not "Grow Up." I was once in the band "Don't Wake Up" for a brief time. We had a geocities.com/ website in around 2003. We never crafted any songs. The tagline was, "If Jesus were alive, you'd kill him!" - Don't Wake Up! If you wanted to know where I stand, this is where. I am anti-hidden cameras, anti-entrapment. I have appropriated from KINGPIN the movie, and made it my own, "And Hidden Cameras, I Just Don't Take!" - me. "And witch-craft, I just don't take!" - me I have appropriated from Charlie Sheen, and made it my own. "Neighbors are for fools!" - me "The Glass Dish-es & The Dirty Dead, are for fools!" - me
What equipment do you use?
Later on Satan's Scrotum recorded in better studios, and created different concept type albums, one even way more rock, metal, I'd say all albums were experimental, during these times. But you can see how once starting as just Stevie Hayes, tired of ds's b.s., rebelling! Going solo, and fresh off of drumming in 100 degree sweltering garages, for 4 months straight, I was desperate to quickly capture my efforts, onto my own solo album, to prove I can do more as one, than the entire fighting band of whiny boy bitches, with all those jams and barely any shows, 2 shows in 2001 summer. where we ended up, after 2008.
Anything else?
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