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Paula J
Paula J
Van Nuys, USA
July 18, 2008
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I'm Paula J Solo Artist,Born in Florida into a talented musical family Where we sing in the church choir.... my family and i moved to California Seven yrs ago to venture into our dream of being professional Music Artist.... R&B/Hip Hop...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
What Is special About playing live.. Is that people get to hear your gifted talents
Your musical influences
Some of my influences are, Music from the soul. Artistes/singers who make there music come alive and touch the lives of others. The Gift Givers Patti Labella, Aretha Franklyn, Glades Night, Dianna Ross, Chaka Kahn, Whitney Huston, Mariah Cary, Mary J, Aailyah, Monica, Yolanda Adams, Alicia Keys, Luther Vandros, Teddy Pendgrass, Lionel Richie Just to name a few......People who are truly gifted with the talent to carry out words into a sounds that touches people lifes in different forms .. Just to answer the questions MY INFLUENCES ARE OR WILL BE POSTIVE MUSIC IM A FIRM BELIVER IN THE POWER OF WORDS SO I WOULD CALL THE ARTIST THE GIFT GIVER WHO HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE LIVES..The gift giver who put words into a blessing from the time of conception We are form in our mother's womb! And the sound of waves form life into photo from that it's an influence with in itself........ I believe music and sound was here before we were on earth......
What equipment do you use?
Im Vocal
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