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Party Fire and Theft
Party Fire and Theft
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Party, Fire and Theft are an alt. punk power trio from Stoke-on-Trent. Drawing influences from a wide musical spectrum, they're here to kick ass and chew gum. A
Party, Fire + Theft : Alt- punk power trio from Stoke-on-Trent Featuring: Mart Beesley - Guitar / Lead Vox Andy Walton - Bass James Rathmell - Drums / Backing Vox Check us out on and !
Band/artist history
Party, Fire and Theft are an alt-punk band based in Manchester, but created in the oatcake ovens of north Staffordshire. Their sound has been described as "fruity punk rock", but not fruity in the way you're thinking... (PS: for a slightly more sensible bio than the drivel you're about to read, check out the blog entry) Once upon a time, in a lovely Staffordshire town by the name of Cheadle, there was a band. The band had a rocking lead singer/ guitarist whose ability to ROCK was only matched by his ability to smoke Embassy Number 1, a crazy Canadian on bass, and a young whippersnapper already famed for his drumming talents on...er... the drums. The band was called Braindead and they were good. Once upon a slightly-more-near-to-the-present-than-then time, in a grotty Stafforshire city by the name of Stoke, there was a band. The band had the same hard rocking/ smoking guitarist, and the same now-not-really-a-whippersnapper-but-still-very-good drummer on the drums, but instead of the crazy Canadian (he went to live in a town called Dawson Creek, would you believe...) it had a bespectacled bass maestro who brought his love of the left-field* to the mix and created a magical melting pot of inventive punk rock. The band was called Cartel, and they were also good. Once upon a now, spread across the Pennines between the great cities of Leeds and Manchester, there is a band. The band still has the same guitarist and drummer, but a new bassist, who cut his musical teeth in hard-gigging Leeds reggae-punkers The Attic Project, but confusingly, is originally from Cheadle too. The band is Party, Fire and Theft, and they are better than good. At least that's what I think, anyway. A *as in, left-field music, not Leftfield the band.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we do play live. (although not enough at the moment, all gig offers will be warmly accepted!) We love it, it's what we live to do as a band. We've played at quite a few places in Leeds and Stoke, but several of our favourites seem to be shutting down now :(
Your musical influences
Billy Talent, Biffy Clyro, Terrorvision, Black Album - era Metallica, The Offspring, Nimrod - era Green Day, QOTSA
What equipment do you use?
A guitar, a bass, some amps and some drums. Duh.
Anything else?
Hope you enjoy the stuff!