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RedSkwirrell Rock, jazz, swing, electronica, classical, blues, instrumental, good-time.
I write music but leave the live performances to the 'youngins' these days as they have more "N.R.G." and enjoy humping gear on and off stage. I started playing guitar in 1973. Then began playing keyboards and toured with a couple of small bands in the 80's (Didn't we all?). Wrote, contributed to, and performed mostly our own material, with the odd cover thrown in here and there, for good measure. I had to quit playing guitar recently after breaking one of my fingers. Every girl I ever kissed and meant it. (...And every girl I should have!)
Band/artist history
1970's:- "Uncle Herbert" Guitars and vox 1980's:- "Fugitive" and "Witness" Guitars, keyboards, and Synthesizers +2000:- RedSkwirrell (and one or two aliases) Midi-Synth + DAW set up.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not nowadays. Used to play in and around London and Southern England. Blowing a bank of eight pyro's at "The Marquee" in London, while our manager was faithfully promising the Chief of the London Fire Brigade at the back of the hall that we no longer used pyro's.
Your musical influences
Journey; AC/DC; It Bites; Queen; The Beatles; David Bowie; Ultravox; Thin Lizzy; Gary Moore; Pink Floyd; Nightranger; Aerosmith; Whitesnake; Van Halen; Extreme; Peter Gabriel; Adrian Legg; Siouxsie & The Banshees; The Rolling Stones; Japan; Eurythmics; Steve Stevens; Magnum; Deep Purple; Jeff Healey; Tears For Fears; Broken Home; Jimi Hendrix; Simple Minds; Level 42; U2; Rush; Boston; Foreigner; Pat Travers; Progtronic; Simon & Garfunkle
What equipment do you use?
Reason 5; Record 1.5; Edirol PCR-M50; my own home-built computers. 1991 Gibson Les Paul Standard Flame-top (Custom Shop finish); Ovation Celebrity electro-accoustic; Charvel (Jackson neck; Floyd Rose tremolo), Washburn accoustic, Roland Guitar Synth. Yamaha CS70M, Korg DW-6000, Ensonique ESQ-1, Marshall 50w head; 4x12 cab; 4x12 angle cab. Cobra 100w keyboard combo. I've never got rid of any musical equipment I've used.
Anything else?
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