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Bloodshed Beatz
Christian HipHop, music's much needed ministry........Christ-Hop so HOT!!! That new, new flavor........ Free Music Downloads available 4 full albums
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We are four guys from three different backgrounds, from three different cities. New York (North Carolina), Oklahoma and Philadelphia. Abstractz is from Oklahoma, Cast Away is from Philadelphia, Holy Apostle is from New York but grew up in North Carolina, and Young King is from Philadelphia. We are all happily married and have been blessed with some very loving and beautiful wives (Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the LORD.) and with some beautiful children too. We Our group was formed officially in January of 2007. We all have enjoyed music and never thought that we would one day make music of our own. We are all CHRISTIANs and have our own personal walk with Christ. We have been Christian music artist fans for years and in 2004 our Lord put in our spirit to be more vocal in our Christian walk, at the time we didn't really know or quite accept what that meant. We started being moved and led by the spirit to proclaim our faith and not sit on the side lines any longer in 2004. We began by handing out Christian tracks and mixtapes that other artist's had made free to download and pass out in 2005/2006. This was a way for us to become more active in our community. We soon became very active in our local church as well. In September 2006 Abstactz and Holy Apostle purchased fruity loops Pro...n and began to make beatz and collab and by December 2006 had made quite a few beatz some were pretty good . In the time from around December to January Abstractz meets super producer James Washington in a local gym and build. In March of 2007 the group records their first song. Then began recording more music not really knowing where it was going. After the group had made just four songs they created the Bloodshed Beatz myspace page. How the group got their name. The members threw around a few names for the group and then Abstractz was studing GOD's beautiful word in Matthew and was moved by what he was studying and was lead to Matthew 26:28. Matthew 26:28 For this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. Thus the group Bloodshed Beatz was born. The group continued making music with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Their 1st album The Outpour was completed in December of 2007 and is available for free at www.soundclick.com/bloodshedbeatz and their 2nd alblum The Outpour Red Album The SLIPRO remixes (is also available for FREE download on www.soundclick.com/bloodshedbeatz)... The group has released the mixtape His Blood-Shed for YOU the mixtape 2008 (FREE and available for download now) (available at www.sacredapparelmixtapes.com). Coming soon The EX-Hell's Bastard's Project by Abstractz (FREE available for download soon)....Also look out for our brother in Christ JESUS, and just happens to be Young King's cousin also Cast Away. He is the fourth member of the group and the team is still growing..... Cast Away's mixtape (The GO Hard Mixtape) So stay tuned in cause there is so much more to come..... The group is also working on a new project that will be coming out soon... We want to say thankz to super producers that we have been blessed to work with over the years and we are humbled to have worked with, blessed producers such as Air Tight Productions (ATP), Apaulsoul of Mastermind E.N.T., PlatinumTips (K-Drama), Marv4MoBeats, Wit from the Tha Frontlynaz (Witness Music), Kyle (RealBeats) just to name a few... We pray these projects will be a blessing to everyone. We pray it will encourage, guide and strengthen you and your walk with our Lord.... We pray everyone will keep on praising GOD and living a life pleasing to Him and would like to encourage you to keep checking all the websites and our affiliated websites for more encouragement and information... This is a little back ground on our first performance which was a talent show... our wives were present and praying we didn't mess up and we got to share the stage with a good brother and friend in Christ JESUS, S.O.C.O.M. before that day we didn't know what we were doing exactly. We just wanted to tell the world about our Lord JESUS Christ... Yes we would like to sign with a Christian label, but if we don't we still won't stop preaching and teaching
Band/artist history
https://www.facebook.com/blood.s.beatz http://www.goatradio.com/artistProfile.php?artID=185 www.myspace.com/1messiahmusic www.myspace.com/bloodshedbeatz07 www.myspace.com/christ_centered_clothing www.myspace.com/abstractz www.myspace.com/hisavanue www.myspace.com/holyapostle www.myspace.com/youngking
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, currently in Korea..... We just wanted to tell the world about or Lord JESUS Christ...........
Your musical influences
GOD the Father, JESUS CHRIST, Holy Spirit, Frontlynaz, Japhia Life, Rhyme Council, R-swift, E-pistle, Young Joshua, Teddy P., Rob Hodge, J.Johnson, Corey Red and Precise, S.O.C.O.M. Doubleedge records, Da truth, Trip Lee, Lecrae, 116 clic, Dae-Lee, Nahledge, JESUS or Bust, Thi'sil, Cast Away, Everyday Process, Von Vargas, B. Morr, just to name a few....
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools 8, Fruity Loops Pro, Adobe Audition 3.0 Torque, Reason Adapted 3.0
Anything else?
We love our Lord, we are striving everyday to grow more closer to Him. We just want to share his word with those who may not know Him, those who may need to be encouraged, and those who represent to our Dad everyday and not just on Sunday, Wednesday or Friday nights........but live for our father everyday.........realizing that we may not be prefect but our imperfections are made prefect through our savior JESUS CHRIST.........GOD Bless you all........ We are working on another Album and we NEED BEATZ!!!! If you are a HOT producer, beat maker get at us!!!!!
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