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Suburban Acid Saturation
Suburban Acid Saturation
4 Tracks
Live Hardware Techno.
Dirty Tekno Music
Peak in sub-genre #25
f***ed up Son of a Techno Psychopath
Peak in sub-genre #21
Knob Twiddling (Up to your arse in filth mix)
Peak in sub-genre #47
F*ck Laptops. F*ck VST. F*ck pissing about with your cheap plastic controller and your cracked copy of Abelton, dropping a few effects and trying to look like you're actually doing something. Choose synths. Choose drum machines, rackmounted effects and distortion. Choose samplers, Choose knobs, Keep it real. This is inner city noise pollution from Leeds. Live. Hardware. Techno.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
From time to time... ..Leave work at about 1, shit, shave, shower, stress... Realise there's some spurious control changes playing funny buggers with my A-Station, argh shit help try and sort it, realise I have the fun of trying to fit all my stupid amount of kit (when will I have the sense to sell it all and buy a laptop) and 4 people into a Nissan Micra... Panic about the traffic on the A64... Sit in Kerry's car and stress a bit more.... Stop in a layby for a wee... Get in to York... Panic about the traffic in York Centre... Turn up in Certificate 18.... Set up, sound check, Panic about dodgy mixer cable, Slam worries that it's empty until I poinyt out it's only 7.30... Drink Magners and Dog in huge quantities... Sit in corner and twitch a bit... Get up and dance to some pretty fucking awesome acts... (OMG it's getting full).... Realise I'm tipsy.... so drink 3 pints of coke... Get confused about the running order and hassle Plasma Storm while they're setting up... ...Drink more coke and another Magners for good measure... (OMG it's time for me to play) Confusion about sound... HIT PLAY BUTTON AND THE KICK DRUM IS BASTARD HARD!!!!!!! Realise that instead of clearing the floor as I always worry, the totally wicked crowd is loving it and going mental... Play tunes, loose synch, get back in time, spill beer all over my running notes, see peoples catching my eye and waving their arms about drop the sample from Perfect Drug and Chris gives me a big thumbs up, see my mate from work and her mates having it at the front smiles everywhere and even though my sound cable gets knocked out just before the end I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! Get my name shouted out but the main thing is that I have done something that for an hour of their lives people have enjoyed.... ...and get told that lots... ...drink some more Magners.... ...Dance more to beautiful PsyTrance... ...tat down... ...get back to Leeds and drink beer and eat Pizza... ...fall asleep and wake up VERY VERY HAPPY!!!
Your musical influences
Style: Hard and Hypnotic Acid Techno- with elements of Hard Dance, Shranz, Industrial Metal and Hard Psy Trance. The Live set has a more raw and improvised feel to it using programmed drum machines and live synths, whereas the recorded tunes take on a more polished feel with deeper layering of sounds, guitars and processed loops taken both from the live gear, and any mad program I can get my hands on. Both are hard, fast (over 150bpm) and banging. Influences: Lab4, Liberator DJs, Rowland the Bastard, Empyrion, Holy Ghost, Hardfloor , Nine Inch Nails, The Delta, Voidloss, Prana, Future Sound of London, Nuw Idol, Juno Reactor, Senser, The Secret, Infected Mushroom, Underworld, The Anxious, Brainchild, The Delta, D.A.V.E the Drummer, System 7, Sepultura... Inspirations: Decaying Urban Wastelands, Redbrick Streets, Squatted Warehouses, Big Machines, Star Cruisers, Explosions, Geiger, Bosch, Twilight, Dawning, Battling Dangerous Spirits, Explorations into Binary Code Reality, Entheogen Logic, Psychology, Biomechanics, Anarchist Ideals...
What equipment do you use?
- The Suburban Acid Saturation live rig: Yamaha RM1x Korg ES-1 Korg EA-1 Korg EA-1 Mkii Akai S950 Novation A-Station Novation Drumstation Korg MicroKorg FAT Freebass FB-383 Roland SP555 Sampler Zoom 1204 Zoom RFX-2000 Alesis CL-X440 Compressor/Expander Tapco T-231 Tweeq Eq Spirit Folio 12-2 Mixer Alesis Multimix 12R Mixer Boss OS-1 Distortion and too many bloody cables... - Studio and Recording: DV tower P4 1.5GHz PC, running: Acid Pro 5, Soundforge 6, Pro 53, V-Station and more... JBL Monitors Marantz Amps Sony Minidisc - More Toys: Red Sound DarkStar Roland SH-101 Casio CZ5000 Roland TR-707 Zoom 1201 XIX Rack FX Hohner B2 Bass Guitar Peavey Bass Guitar Vintage Metal Electric Guitar Tanglewood Nevada 'Boot Sale Model' Electric guitar Arbiter Dreadnought 'Charity Shop Model' Electro-Acoustic Guitar. Zoom 505 Effects. Encore 12 String Accoustic Guitar Hohner Mandolin Saxon head. Marshall Cab. FatRat and Peavey guitar amps.
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