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Self Defence Required
Self Defence Required
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SDR, Self Defence required. Metal band from cardiff, influences from Metallica, Pantera , machine head, opeth, devin townsend, Tool, SYL, frank zappa, 2 unlimit
SDR are a 4 piece metal band from south wales.
Band/artist history
Formed in late 2001, in Cardiff UK, the band began life when workmates Matt and Sion realised they both knew people interested in forming bands. The ingredients were all there, and Paul ( Drummer), Chris (singer / guitarist), Sion ( bassist) and Matt (guitarist) began those first tentative practices. Things went well, and some band names became an issue, and a problem. After passing on such names as Infinitum, Cheese on toast, Metalfest, Blue toe, and even being threatened to leave the name overshadow alone, it was a slow start. Then some one utterd the words - Self Defence Required. A moniker for the quartet was found, and S.D.R. were born. Songs came and went, as did the "Do not obstruct" demo in late 2002, but by autumn 2003 S.D.R. had found its sound. The band was ready to move forward. "Death Designs" was released in the summer of 2004. The new songs showed more depth and menace to the music. Paul Left SDR in the summer of 2005. The 3 remaining members would go on to record "Both Sides" in 2006, whilst continuing to search for a new drummer. The search for that drummer was not an easy one. The next year and a half was spent auditioning - trying to find someone suitable was no easy task.... at times, finding someone just to play in time was no easy task! Things seemed to be sorting themselves out at the end of 2006. With "Pete" behind the kit, it looked like things were moving forward - perhaps not in the direction SDR had anticipated, but they were going "somewhere" any way. By the end of March 06 "Pete" had "gone"!... into the night with out a trace! Rumours that he died are as yet unconfirmed. When it looked like the band were back to square 1, just a few weeks later there came an e-mail from a drummer named Ian. With a kit bigger than your average house, and the ability to take the band back in the right direction. As a 4 piece once again, SDR began recording demos for the backlog of material that had built up over the last year, and with new songs that are bigger and better than ever it appears that SDR is here to stay. Latest from SDR HQ: Currently lining up gigs for the coming months. Recording planned for later in the year.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, South wales mainly.
Your musical influences
Metallica, Pantera , machine head, opeth, devin townsend, Tool, SYL, frank zappa, 2 unlimited, pissing razors, slayer and some other stuff.
What equipment do you use?
Chris: BC Rich / Ibanes / Maveric guitars - Marshal Amps Matt: Gibson / ibanes / jackson guitars - Marshal Amps Sion: Dean / Fender bass - Lany Amps. Ian : Loads of stuff.