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WORLD-infamous: Akword STRANGE. Music is THOUGHT PROVOKING, CREATIVE and ORIGINAL. Best LP to come out of Portland SO FAR. (-Mic. Crenshaw) Be sure to watch his
I know your thinking, " This is just another white skater dude from San Francisco spittin' that islamic message into his hard-rhymez."
Band/artist history
WELCOME August Zumwalt is Akword, the hard hitting, poignant and thought provoking artist of our time and beyond. ANSWER ARRIVES Born in Eugene, OR, a hot spot of activism surrounded by a sea conservatism. A seed develops. CHARGE Transplanted from Portland to Venice,CA at the time the world felt southern California's skateboarding cultural revolution. His passion and attitude towards skateboarding he applies to his music. Charge and take no prisoners. INFLUENCES It was the early musical influences of socially active artists such as Public Enemy and Suicidal Tendencies that paved the way, but a man must stand on his own achievements. ENTER WORDPLAY Akword, a raw bones tactical MC (microphone controller), who approaches his craft with fluidity and genius. The edgy feel of his lyrics combined with the driving rhythms is anything but awkward. It fits well. He's opened for or worked with hip hop stars such as Zion I, Paul Nice, J Boogie, DJ Wisdom, DJ Swamp, DJ Honda, RAW B, KUSF Beat Sauce, DJ Craze, Triple Threat DJ (Vinn Roc, Apollo, Short Kutt) and many others.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Played with: Common, Talib Kweli, Mr. Lif, Dead Prez, KRS ONE, Immortal Technique and many others.
Your musical influences
Last Poets, James Brown, Funkadelic, MArvin Gaye, Smokey, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Al Green, Isaac Hayes, Cool Herc, Afrika Bambataa, Grandmaster Flash, Mele Mel, Kurtis Blow, Run/DMC, Beastie Boys, Slick Rick, LL, Public Enemy, Ice-T, Biz Markie, KRS ONE, Heiro, Wu-Tang, Blackalicious, Living Legends, Masta Ace, Zion I, EPMD, De La Soul, MF DOOM, C-Lo... Many others.
What equipment do you use?
Razor wire and gloves, surgical tubing, hand-cuffs,can of Gas, Zippo Lighter, brass knuckles, switchblade, Hack-Saw, bullets... and Gladys.
Anything else?
The hell I send him to will seem like heaven when I'm through with 'em.