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Alice Jean
Alice Jean
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I am the band. Everything is composed and produced in my studio.
My Johnny
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"I Haven't Got Time For This"
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Hey Mister Man !!
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The Last Time I Was Down
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If He Had A Brain
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Hello..and welcome to my page of music. Everything you hear at this site was written, composed, and produced by me alone. Sure would be nice to hire it done, but the beat goes on...and the money does not :o) I hope you will come back often and enjoy the stuff that comes directly from my heart and soul. Without music, I can't breath. I love making it, listening to it, and meeting all the artists and composers involved in the whole process. Drop me a line..I'd love to hear you're work. Sincerely....Alice Jean/bmi/alice jeans publishing
Band/artist history
This material is protected by registry and copyright. Please contact us at alicejean@neo.rr.com if interested in licensing. Alice has worked in the music world for quite some time. She has gone to many countries entertaining the troops. You will find that her compositions fall into many genres. Always eager to try new ground, new sound, new areas of composing. All music, lyrics, and vocals are done by this very versatile lady. The producers of the movie "COLD FUSION", used one of her songs in that soundtrack. Not a bad place to be...right there along with Nellie Furtado, Dave Mathews, and The Foo Fighters! We hope you will sit back now, relax, and enjoy the music of Alice Jean
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I used to do a lot of live entertaining, but no more. I find that being fully involved in all aspects of the music business takes a toll on the quality of my life, therefor, I have chosen to write and handle a small publishing company for the time being. Don't get me wrong here, I love to sing. I still do at small gatherings etc. but for close friends and family only. I'd like to get a few more songs into the movies, or maybe explore the commercial music on television. Point being, I want to work out of my home and studio. No more extensive traveling for this lady! Been there, done that...lolololol
Your musical influences
I love the best in every genre. Eric Clapton, Bonnie Rait, Tonya Tucker, Ella Fitzgerald, Elvis, The Beatles, Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, Dixie Chicks, see what I mean.....lololol...and there is more and more and more.....
What equipment do you use?
I use a Lowery Delux Organ, Korg hard drive recorder, a few loops from where ever I find them, an AKG mic.,Hafler amp and speakers, and a lot of patience while learning how to use them. I also play a little guitar (1967 Martin D18)some bass,and the keyboard. My husband plays a Dobro, guitar and a banjo but I can't get him to record with me.....lololol...maybe in the future huh? He plays Bluegrass, country, and folk music. He goes to many festivals and plays with a lot of different bands. I have a song that I wrote about him that I hope to post one day soon.
Anything else?
Thanks Soundclick, for the opportunity to show my material. I hope many of you will come by, sit a spell and hear what I have to offer. Trust me when I say that you will find many a different genre on that page. If I could pour you a cup of coffee while you visit, I sure would!... Hopefully, a new friend in music, Alice Jean A big THANK YOU.... and a sincere wish that your New Year be the best one yet :o) .
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