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Bud Whiteman
It's now 2020. I've just completed my first album using the spider capo with some great results. Recorded at Eversfield Studios with Producer Graham Noon.
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Country foot tapper with guest vocalist Eileen D
Citizens Of The World
Recorded at Eversfield Studio, with producer Graham Noon.
I Just Want to be There
I Wish I Was A Hero
What Else?
BUD WHITEMAN....... returns from America's 'Loneliest Road'. SOME people reach their destinations quickly, but for Bud Whiteman the road is long and winding and he is yet to arrive at his. Still, after several decades the singer/songwriter from Sussex is not complaining. He has travelled many miles on his magical mystery tour and is looking forward to the rest of the journey. Mind you, the path has not always been smooth. A life spent in music, the last five years have been the most productive and fulfilling of Bud's career, teaching guitar and recording his songs. A teenager in the 1960s, Bud was steeped in the tradition of the British beat bands of the time, the Beatles, the Stones, the Who and many more. But it was when he heard The Kinks' You Really Got Me that the light switched on. I thought "I looked like Dave Davies (The Kinks guitarist and brother of singer Ray) and all I needed was a guitar." He started a paper round, saved up for his first guitar and from that moment never looked back. The rest of the 60s and 70s were spent playing in the pubs and clubs of Sussex, particularly in and around Brighton with his first band The Cardboard Ring and Theta, a four piece rock combo. Bud has fond memories of touring in a Bedford J4 van kitted out with bunk beds. Theta built up a loyal following in the county and considered going professional but the three nights a week rehearsals and gigs were beginning to take their toll. Bud decided to let music take a back seat after being given an ultimatum by his then boss at a building materials company the band or the job. With a wife and two young children to support it was an easy decision, he would keep the day job. But music remained the soundtrack to Bud's life. Fast forward many years and it was on the inaugural National Music Day in June 1992 that it took priority again. Bud had never stopped playing and composing songs, but was uncomfortable writing lyrics. It was then he teamed up with a friend called Peter Clark, who was able to help Bud articulate what he wanted to say. They stayed together for 10 years, during which time Bud had a 'side-project', a" kick arse" band called Backhander. Things came to an end when Bud's marriage disintegrated and friendships of many years broken. But not before he made, arguably, the most important journey of his life. As the song (Route 66), says,"if you ever plan to motor west". Well Bud did, and it changed his life. From east coast to the west coast of America he was enraptured by the scenery, the vastness of the changing landscape and, of course, the music - from Cajun, Country to the Blues. "It struck a chord," said Bud. "It was storytelling set to music." To him it made perfect sense and set him on a new journey. Remarried in San Francisco to his artistic wife Lyn, he continued to soak up the different musical styles Bud has visited the States every year since and found its influence creeping more and more into his music. On a recent trip he found himself on the' Loneliest Road', Highway 50, and something, given the trials and tribulations of his life, something Bud could identify with. It helped shaped his latest album What Else?, 10 country-tinged songs of loss, longing and a love letter to the highways and byways of Arizona, California, Colorado and Nevada. Bud sings of No Looking Back and Destination. For a musician reborn and so much more to achieve What Else would you expect? Phil Reynolds Daily Telegraph Media Up to Date 2014; After having three stunning years with Stephanie and Ben The Bud Whiteman Band has taken a back seat until the "This Ain't Hollywood" Album is finished. I'm going back to my solo roots, but as ever there will be plenty of new music available on Soundclick.com Up to Date 2016; Since going solo I have produced a country album "Leaving Texas" a reflection on Texas during my stay in late 2014/2015. On my return my old friend Eileen D and I have got together for a Duo collaboration on a Blues album "Blue Dreams" nearing completion in April 2016. Looking forward we are looking forward to the world release of this album on mass media outlets and a further album for late 2016. Meanwhile we are enjoying Open mic sessions, just for fun. Bud Whiteman Up to Date 2017; The Blues Collection album was completed and released, raised a heap of money for Parkinson's with a concert with my duo partner Eileen D, thanks to those who came. We covered a few open mics and currently nearing completion (Sept. 2017) the "191" album named after that great road that is truly intercontinental from the Mexican Border to the Canadian Border, with 4 more tracks being added over the next 2 months plus downtime for tweeking. A welcome back to Stephanie Shorey a truly talented bass player. Bud Whiteman Up Date to June 2018; The 191 album is finally mastered and released, 16 tracks recorded at EVERSFIELD Studio, Lower Beeding, England, produced and mastered by Graham Noon. A further album "Retro" is in the process of recording, a selection of songs that have either, never been recorded or published some going back 25 years!!! but given a modern treatment. Eileen "D" is on vocals, Stephanie Shorey on Bass, Graham Noon engineer and producer, Bud Whiteman on guitars and vocals. Bud Whiteman
Band/artist history
Life seems so hectic. People are always busy. To try and get a group of people together for regular practise is harder now than ever. So Bud Whiteman the solo artist was born. I must admit I'm enjoying at the moment. With the addition of my excellent singer Eileen D it has added harmonies and some smooth lead vocals on the blues. She is such any easy person to work with...... a real gold mine. I hope we can work together for some time. Alas she to has extra work to do, so we now work together at a much reduced rate. But i have 2 other musicians, Stephaine Shorey on bass and Ben Thorpe on lead guitar both are extremely versatile musicians.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Only private functions. I love playing live and usually get the audience to interactive with the show. I've played in bands for some 35 years so there have been many special moments ! Also do a fist full of open mic.
Your musical influences
The Kinks originally and my father. He played boogie-woogie and the blues on the piano. He wrote a song for my eldest Jill called "Jump for Jill" when she was born and was auditioned for a live show on the BBC. I always admired his believe in his music.
What equipment do you use?
Fender J5, Martin GPCRA5, Pacifica neck bolted onto a Fender body, Bose L1 and a Roland Cube.
Anything else?
Songs are also available on Spotify, itunes, Amazon and Apple.
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