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Harlin Pasili Ansori
Classical Music, Piano Classic, Neo Classic, Musical. Harlin Pasili Ansori . Orchestra, new wave.
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12 songs
37.0K plays
Diamond Piano Harlin Pasili Ansori Original Song
Original Song Harlin Pasili Ansori, Instrumental, Piano, Easy Listening
The Sound Of LoveHarlin Pasili Ansori ST MT 2015
Instrumental writen and composed by Harlin Pasili Ansori ST. MT. Piano Player : Harlin Pasili Ansori ST. MT. Enginer Background : Harlin Pasili Ansori ST. MT.
Half Night Trip to Bait Al Hamid writen by Harlin
Originall writen and composed by Harlin Pasili Ansori
children of palestine 2009 orchestraensemble song
Originall writen and composed by Harlin Pasili Ansori
Ultimate rythm of the sea version with orchestra
Originall writen and composed by Harlin Pasili Ansori
7 songs
My name is Harlin pasili ansori, music in Classic Musical, modern or Rock Base in Classic. played on keyboard, piano or guitar accoustic. Some time Put interest in composing alternative and Speed Heavy Metal/NeoClassic Rock. Song Composer in piano, orchestra, guitar and some modern, new wave, classical, and neo Classic Rock Music that all Base on Classical Playing. Playing first instrument on the children piano when I was in Junior Hight School 2 in Port Lampung (in old time JHS/SMPN 2 Rock Cape Port Lampung(Tanjung Karang Bandar Lampung). Of course when in elementary school I was learning flute instrument from teacher at the art class. Learn Music Base Father's Hobbies listening Classical Overture or Sonata. Begun to compose own music on 1998 when at 17th years old age. All my songs are originally written by me (Harlin Pasili Ansori) except additional small bridge in Joanna of Aragon.
Band/artist history
Student choirs Student choirs of ITB Bandung College Band Independent Musician
Have you performed in front of an audience?
sure I like it
Your musical influences
Arabian Musician, Turkish Musician, Arabic Sitar. Mozart, Bethoven, Vivaldi, Paganini, Rhicard Clayderman, Hansen, Weikath, Kiske. Japanese Anime Rock Soundtrack.
What equipment do you use?
Piano, Guitar, Strings, Sound effect, Computer, Sofware, addtional Violin. Contact me if some one needs about my specific equipment.
Anything else?
You can buy my music at here soundclick.com or https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-light-of-love-ep/id1004211859 watch myvideo at: http: //www.youtube.com/user/ibnuansorizen like my facebook harlin: https://web.facebook.com/pages/Harlin-Pasili-Ansori/100515830055384?ref=bookmarks vote me at soundclick.com
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