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Audio Vamp
Audio Vamp
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Leave the same old music youve been listening to behind, and discover the unique sound of Audio Vamp. Their name, Audio Vamp perfectly describes their music, as vamp means a creation or invention. Their sound is eclectic, and traverses different genres, thus creating a sort of musical concoction that band founders, Sharon Zaubi and Jimmy Rutkowski strive to produce. If naming genres were an essential, rock/pop/folk rock would probably be the most sufficient in categorizing their music. Sharons vocal and writing influences include Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morisette, Sade, Faith Hill, and John Mayer. Jimmys guitar playing is highly influenced by Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, James Burton, and Joe Satriani. Audio Vamp is based out of Milford, Connecticut, and continues to work on their musical career here. Both Sharon and Jimmy have had long musical careers, and have sustained their pursuit of their love of music through Audio Vamp. Jimmy has been playing the guitar since the age of five, and Sharon has been performing since she was seven years old. They both had steady work as musicians throughout the years, Jimmy as a guitar instructor and professional musician, and Sharon playing in several bands, and making her name known as a Madonna impersonator. The two finally came together in 2006, combining their talents to compose honest, meaningful music. Sharons writing is not only made up of her deep emotions, but an honest desire for her fans to connect with her music and lyrics. Jimmys vast experience playing with legendary artists has earned him the nickname, Professor Jim. We want to evoke tears, dreams, butterflies, love, memories, motivation, dances, smiles, contemplation all the dreams of the songwriters throughout the decades, say Jimmy and Sharon. They insist that everything they write and play, are for their fans. Audio Vamp is currently working on the finishing touches of their first album entitled, Songs From Beachland, which should be released Summer 2008.
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