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Dave Simpfendorfer
Dave Simpfendorfer
25 Tracks
Christian songwriter
Children of Darwin
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My Son My Son
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God's Girl
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Nothing Compares
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If There's No God (album)
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G'day from the big land Down Under. I'm an Aussie, a christian, a record producer & recording engineer, a songwriter, a musician, a family man, a chronic home renovator, and grower of grey hair. It pays these days to be multi-facetted ... you just never know when house renovations or the ability to grow grey hair might just come in handy. Please check out my latest release through Narrabeen Baptist Church. The "Moving Parts" album features my production and engineering work, with five of my songs in the 12 on the album. I have also provided vocals, keyboards and a few guitars across the recording. It is an eclectic mix of material entirely written and performed my members of the NBC worship team. Available on iTunes now. https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/moving-parts/id913051773 Worth checking out!
Band/artist history
I've hung around the scene for a long time now. Mostly around the recording scene as a producer and engineer. It was about time that some of my own songs got an airing. So here we are!
Your musical influences
aaaaaaaahhhh ... the old musical influences question ... who does one put forth first? And how will others read that? And does it reflect my CD collection? ... too may questions not enough answers. Here's the short list: Beatles, Bob Dylan, Larry Norman, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Gordon Smee, Young Bill Simpfendorfer
Anything else?
I try to put a different angle on my songs; after all, why write or compose if you're writing or composing what someone (everyone?) else is doing? It means that I don't have any really set style - a bit of blues, a rock song here, a piano ballad there, a touch of jazz... Drop me a comment if you like what you hear!
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