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Component 48
Component 48
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ambient industrial darkwave with vocals from the pits of hell
Component 48 is a music project which blends 80s dark wave, vocal style inspired by skinny puppy and lycia, industrial bits, ambient and warped samples all into a dark brooding wall of sound.
Band/artist history
i have been involved in numerous bands and musical projects over the years, and even released a vinly lp back in the day. the last few music projects have been strictly electronic and samples, experimenting with a variety of world samples blended into something completely different. component 48 is a meshing of my love of 80s dark wave and goth with electronics and sampling, with manipulation of sounds to create stark atmospheric landscapes to wail over. and yes thats my demonic angst induced voice.
Your musical influences
lycia, skinny puppy, xymox, christian death, coil, click click, dif juz, joy division, sisters of mercy, bauhaus, and just about anything on the factory and 4AD labels from the early 80s.
Anything else?
Track listings for the 3 Component 48 cds: "Component 48" 1 Entre Noir 2 A dark place in your soul 3 Deserted Highway 4 Dada processor 5 Assimilation 6 Nocturnal admissions 7 Souls to steal 8 The moment of realization 9 Fortune smiles 10 Last breath 11 Jardin de pierre "Decomposing Music" 1 Dans le ombres 2 Through hollow eyes 3 Souls in transition 4 Decomposing music 5 Creatures of the night 6 4POINT8 7 Converting to dadaism 8 Sonic implosion 9 In silent search of the Uril Society 10 Ombres au sein de '2012' 1 The begining of the end 2 The unbelievers 3 Prophets and loss 4 The last voyage of planet earth 5 Celestial Malignment 6 Magnetic Reversal 7 Machine Death 8 Black Sky 9 The new Dark Ages 10 Body and Soul 11 Astral Tunnel
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AM 09. Roman Candle (Jupiter)