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The Mutineers
The Mutineers
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Progressive Pirate Metal. Keep your guns dry and your metal heavy.
Ahoy! We are The Mutineers. We are a Pirate Metal band from the vast seas of Burton, Michigan. Ryan Fuhst is the lead guitarist, Adam Parker is the vocalist, Ryan "LooFoo" Barnett is the bassist and Brandon Tennant is the drummer. We will upload more songs here as we record them. We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to this page.
Band/artist history
Twas a fateful day in 2007 that Adam Parker, inspired by a love of all things piratey and bands such as Alestorm, Verbal Deception, Running Wild, and Ensiferum founded the pirate metal project known as The Mutineers. Quickly joined by his good friends Ryan Fuhst(guitar), Brandon Tennant(drums) and Ryan Barnett(bass) from the band Fukax, The Mutineers set out to do what pirates do best. Drink, pillage, and make kick-ass metal!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have not done any live shows quite yet.
Your musical influences
Ensiferum, Turisas, Running Wild, Ayreon, Verbal Deception, Norther, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Magnum, Gotthard, Alestorm
What equipment do you use?
The drummer has a DDrum and Pearl drumset, both combined into one amazing kit. As the guitarist, I use a B.C. Rich Warlock, Cleartone strings, a Crate amp, and an RP80 pedal. The singer uses whatever he can and the bassist uses an Ampeg BA115, ESP F-254, Schecter Stiletto 6 Custom, and a BOD100 overdrive pedal