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Marcus Toroian
Marcus Toroian
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I'm Marcus. I make heavy music with unnecessarily low tuned guitars. Most of what I post is experimental, with the occasional finished song. I'm never done.
Cant Win Em All Self Titled
Today #43 in Alternative Metal subgenre
Cant Win Em All Death First
Peak position #5
Cant Win Em All Reality Check
Peak position #5
Cant Win Em All In Rememberance
Peak position #48
"My promise" test
Peak position #2
This is my personal music. Everything on here was written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by myself unless otherwise noted.
Band/artist history
My name is Marcus Toroian. I ran a project recording studio for 5 years, and I've played in quite a few bands over the last 15 years. I still have my recording gear, but no longer have the facilities. Still making music, maybe not as regularly as in previous years, but I'm still chugging along. (pun intended)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have been in and out of numerous bands throughout the years, some good, some great, some terrible, some who have made it pretty far, others not so much, but I am not currently in a band or playing live. I hope to change that very soon, though.
Your musical influences
Bands- Van Halen, The Acacia Strain, Traitors, Comeback Kid, Born of Osiris, Thy Art Is Murder, I Declare War, Impending Doom, Meshuggah, Slayer. Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Deron Miller, Steve Vai, for guitar. Rod Kruis, Derek Roddy, Travis Barker, Jess Margera for drums. But what really shaped me as a musician and gave me the inspiration to better myself, were the local bands in my area when I first started going to shows. In particular: The Fury of Turd Ferguson, The Pipebombs, TRON, By Any Means Necessary, In The Eyes Of, Agrokrag, Aeternum Vale. The members of these long defunct bands have no idea how heavily they influenced me, and changed my life.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars- -Schecter Omen 8 with a Bare Knuckle Pickups Painkiller 8 in the bridge, stock p/u in the neck. 26.5" scale length. -Kramer USA 1985 Baretta RI. Solid maple body/neck, rosewood fretboard, Original Floyd Rose, Gibson 91TZ humbucker. -Ibanez RG7321 7 string Amp- -Garageband amp sim -Ibanez TS808 Tubescreamer reissue, Morley Bad Horsie wah, Monster cables. Drums- -Regrettably, I sold my kit, so DKFH is my only means of recording drums. Bass- -Fender Standard Jazz Bass 4 string, painted a la EVH red with black and white stripes. -Fender Standard Jazz Bass 5 string
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