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RPG Music Composer Reason 3
RPG Music Composer Reason 3
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I am an RPG Music composer for the new age of Video Games. My music is similar to Nobuo Uematsu. I compose my music in Reason 3. So if you are looking for some
Nyan Nya Cat RPG Rimix
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Evil Woods
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Mikuchan Is Super Hot
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If I Could Live.
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First off, let me start by saying, I love music. The kind of music you here in a film, in an elevator, and in video games. I have spent my life listening to this kind of music and I Love It. When I first heard the music to Final Fantasy, I had to make music like that, and make it a lifetime career. Music is the one thing that keeps us living, keeps us motivated to do better, and gives us enlightenment. So I made it my dream to make music and give it a try. I discovered a program called Reason 3, I fell in love with it, and spent over 3k to get the equipment. I knew nothing about music theory and still don't. I learned it by listening to my main man from the Final Fantasy games named Nobuo Uematsu. This man is my inspiration and my god of music. So with that, I learned the basics of music, and synthesizers through lessons I found online. Took the tectonics used by popular Hip-Hop artists of America and then mixed it with the awesome melody format of Uematsu. So I kept on working on my music and things got better and better for me. So without further delay here is my music for Video RPG Games of the future. Enjoy!
Band/artist history
2002 - 2005: Made The Anthrit Quest using songs from Final Fantasy and other games. 2005-2008: Been composing, recording, and making my own songs within Reason 3.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
E3 and yes it is a fun event.
Your musical influences
Nobuo Uematsu from Final Fantasy and more.
What equipment do you use?
Reason 3, MK-461c, Sony Vegas, & Ghetto Recording Studio.
Anything else?
Not anything else yet.
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