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Tha Slapp Faktor
Tha Slapp Faktor
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get ya beats here, it's official. dj.cmerock - san diego, killah cali.
Band/artist history
Dj.Cmerock a.k.a. Charlez Bronsun is one-half of the legendary San Diego-Based rap/hip-hop supergroup PRHYME SUSPECT - opposite LIL' BOO (circa 1989) In 1990 a 3-song EP/Single "Rhymin' for a Reason" was released under NEW STYLE! RECORDS. (fake-ass label) Soon after reality set in that there were no dividends coming back, the dou cut-off their ties and began the completion of their second contribution "One Way Or Anotha" (enter ParkStyle + Lil' Nut) never to be officially released.(1993) After the untimely incarceration of the groups' mouth-peice/lead emcee, ALL but the memory of some of the illest shit to ever come out tha 619 remained. Today the group is re-united with talk of a re-emergence in the air. "There's a whole lotta catchin' up to do between me and tha homiez...." excerpts Dj. Cmerock. He continued with "....kauze 13 years ain't shit but time passed. Tha fire is there, I/We feel it! We knocked out a couple of brainstormin'-sessions and with a lil' time schedule management and what not, the world will soon get that proper dose of Prhyme Suspect it's had coming to it all these years. Yea Dat!!!!!" Some of Dj.CMerock'z work can be sampled at www.myspace.com/deejaycmerock
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I stay in San Diego, Cali. WESTWEST BABY! I love where I'm from. There's nothin' more that can be said about our geographical location (weather), Dago's rich in ethnic diversity and the abundance of talent is bubblin' at the top of tha crock-pot! Radio-Wise,.....there's DEFINETLY room for change and improvement. Lotta gangbangin' goin' on in my city, but hey! It's a border-city (MEXICO) and as long as tha government stay bullshittin' the people/nation, it will ALWAYS be trivv. (trivial) Not really a BIGG following for Hip-Hop out here. (Labels, Distribution Co., Etc.) and if they're here (which there are very few) they stay ALL THA WAY IN THA CUT on some booshie-shit. I kinda don't blame 'em considering all tha politics and shit that come along with tha drama of being from tha 619. That's why I choose to follow suit like my homie LIL' BOO (Prhyme Suspect) : "Sit back like a mack, then listen & learn!"
Your musical influences
Wow. Rasta, Classic Hip-Hop, Death Metal, Alt, Rock, Jazz, Old School Funk, Gangsta Rapp Shit, Contemporary-Classical, Some Country(very few), New Wave(80's), DooWop, Oldiez, U name it. I digg it.
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools 7.0 LE, Reason 4.0, M-Audio Keystation, Technique SL-1200 (2), Steinberg's WaveLab, Recycle!, Fruityloops XL, and an assortment of VSt, VSTi, DX,RTAS plug-ins.
Anything else?
Yeah, shout outs to ALL the cats I respect out here in San Diego holdin' it down on some "Producer Shit". Like my bruh NUFO, G$MON, Steve Viscious(VMF), Shysti, Dave Moss, The Batkave, Cricet, Ecay Uno, G-Rockah, Len C., GXD(r.i.p.), Mikeski, Dj.RAGS, JR.COM, Bomidi Beats, Dj. Fingaz, Dj. Artistic, Mr. Brady, Kutfather, Black Mikey & DAMU (yeah, they make beats too!!!), Tha Bakery, Nemesick, Veeps, Freestyle(WAW), GTA, Chag G, Hu$tler,E-Low, Auditory, FOX, Basick LB, CJ, King Jamez, MADMAN, Tiny......tha list REALLY goez on and on!!!!!
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