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Blasting onto the scene like pea soup from a spitting babies mouth, it's the Synthetic Mongoose bringing his Mongoosian chemically malformed techno into your UN
Band/artist history
One day there was a mongoose who asked the Tooth Faerie what was his purpose in life. The Tooth Faerie hit him on the head and said she didn't get paid for advice and sent him away. On his way home, depressed from having no where to go in life he prepared to jump from a bridge and end his pathetik existence there, when suddenly a large block of hope that was the same shape and weight as a brick smashed him in the head. Well he plumeted from the bridge and splashed in the water and washed ashore 3 1/4 years later with a new goal in mind! ... He spent the next three months eating all the tacos his pudgy mongoose cheeks could hold. After this he was walking to the forest to find a leprachaun because they stole all his couches when he came across a gas mask lodged into a rock that read. "He/She/It who pulls the gas mask from this stone can plague the ears of the world!" Well the mongoose pulled and pulled on the gas mask until it came lose. He tried to put it on, but it didn't fit. The mongoose then sold it to a nasally challenged homeless man for a dollar, and went to value village and found a specially crafted mongoose gas mask[TM] and claimed it to be the magick ear destroying one from the stone. After this he wore the magickal gas mask everywear and tried to sing in several bands, but he killed the audiences. One day he sang so bad that the Gods and Goddesses were even terrified by this. So they threw the closest thing to them. Unfortunately it was the Godly CD of FRUITY LOOPS VERSION 3.4! This cd hit the mongoose in the face and drove him temporarily insane in which he named all cities of lower australia. He then awoke and found the shining cd of the Gods before him. He put it in his computer and installed it and began to make atrocities such as the "Meow Re-Mix" and "I Want to be a Mongoose" Well... that's the end of the story... NOW GO TO BED! Yes the Mongoose is still making this horrible music, he will never stop for he is a God! Bow before him! BUY A SHIRT!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
WaNT To.....
Your musical influences
This one time I went to the mall and saw a rat playing the violin... I kicked his cranium in and took his violin and pawned it... then I thought alot about what I did, and decided to glue the mouse back together and give him to my MoM for her birthday... the next christmas I was awarded by an angel wombat with the gift of musical ability... I wanted to pawn it too, but they said no:(
What equipment do you use?
FRuiTy LooPS STuDio 5.0, ACiD 4.0, eLeCTRiC GuiTaR, BaSS GuiTaR, SQuiRReLS, aNyTHiNG THaT MaKeS NoiSe
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Luxury Tax
AWKWARD (6ix9ine type beat)
PURPLE CLOUDS (Buy 1 Get 3 Free!)
Street People