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Lil coreysodg
Lil coreysodg
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lil corey,Raw,Pure talent,sick,sodmg,Determine
Wats good Maine its ya Boy lil corey and i am finna let Yall know a lil Bout me Ya dig....Ya boy from tampa florida and is currently 17 and goes To bowers and whitley High School. Lil corey Started out rapping at like age 10 or 11 and shit and started Puttin lyrics Down as they Came to HIm...As he grew up he Participated in school often and was well known............Currently Sign to His own label Hustle Fluid Ent Tryin to do things on his own Ya dig thats How the Money rolls in..................He attract Many Different Types of Crowds with His Rapid Spittin Style and Laid Back Swagger..........Alot of People Be wondering why i put Ma number on Myspace and all that Bullshit. The reason i did it is to get more exposure Ya dig So get off me Bout that...........you can check out His other myspace at www.myspace.com/young50vslilcorey real talka and ma Contact and Booking info is in one of my Blogs..................but if you check out My page leave a nigga a comment or Voice comment or Sumthing Ya dig i got a spityogame Page but lol i don't knoe the Damn url but Show out to everybody who tryin to make it from nothing and who did mafe it from nothing i got respect for everybody Ya Dig But ehhhhhhhhhh HIT ME UP!!!!!!!!!! lol New song coming out called hit me up ight 1 lil corey
Band/artist history
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah i Play live?I ma Start Mostly in clubs?Naw not really
Your musical influences
i am more into Rap and freestlye Battling But i listen to everything
What equipment do you use?
fl studio,Mic,Head Phones,compter,ma brain
Anything else?
yo check out my website www.hustlefluident.ning.com and ma myspace www.myspace.com/demyungspittas
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