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Gary Rodriguez
Miami, FL  USA
May 30, 2008
62,061 plays
Over 1 million mp3 downloads/plays in my internet career. Took private lessons from the late virtuoso guitarist, Juan Mercadal. My method consists of taking the simplest guitar piece and recording it, then I try another a little more difficult, and here I am today. At this time I am not recording because holding the guitar causes pain in my shoulder which brings on headaches. Also, it's hard work and I am running out of music that inspires me.
Band/artist history
Born in Detroit MI where I grew up on one of the toughest sts - CASS AV -. Born after radio but before tv. At 5 yrs-old I was a lookout at a crap game. My duty was to yell, "cops!" if I saw a police cruiser go by. At 6 years of age I moved up to selling newspapers on a street corner. My first intellectual job was dusting books in a used-book store at 13. The big benefit was I got to borrow books. to be cont.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
Segovia is to guitar players what Adam is to humanity.
What equipment do you use?
classical guitar
Anything else?
I like to tell stories, photograph and write/record humor. So you might see some of that here, because I have a lot of it.
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