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Kaley Willow
Composer/Lyricist/Published Songwriter. Enjoy writing Inspirational, Contemporary Christian, Ballads, Country, Children's Music.
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Gethsemane (piano work tape)
Gethsemane, wrote this melody after reading how Jesus suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane. . Trying to decide if this better suited with or without lyrics. 2007. Kaley Willow
Gethsemane, Demo
This is Version 2 of Gethsemane with Lyrics. ©2007,Lyrics by Lynn Orloff, Kaley Willow. ©2007, Melody by Kaley Willow. Demo by Denny Martin Studios; Dave Brooks, Vocals An instrumental will be done in 08 by Kaley Willow.
On the First Day of Forever
On the First Day of Forever 2011; Music/Lyrics, Kaley Willow (Donna Raudenbush) ASCAP; Production/Engineering: Jason Roller; Featured Vocalist Ronnie Kimball; Pianist: Gene Rabbai
If My People
If My People: lyrics/music Kaley Willow (Donna Raudenbush)ASCAP; production/engineering Jason Roller; Vocalist: Darryl O'Donnell; Pianist: Gene Rabbai
Good News
Good News: lyrics/music Kaley Willow (Donna Raudenbush)ASCAP; Production/Engineering/Guitar: Jason Roller; Vocalist: Darryl O'Donnell;
Thank you very much for stopping by... I'm a published songwriter who enjoys writing in a variety of genres but my main focus and goal is to write and tell people about the coming Kingdom of God and to give encouragement. Prior to 2010, I wrote a lot in many genres. It just is not my focus any more. Some Past Writing Highlights November, 2011 - Kingdom Road Released. 18 Original country-flavored songs with the central theme of the cd being Jesus Christ and the coming Kingdom of God. It's an honor and great blessing to release this cd. 2009, Miss Willow's Fence Row, Children's Album Nomination, Just Plain Folks Music Awards (Griffith/Willow) Producer, James Coffey, Blue Vision Music. Some Day Some Way, Children's Song Nomination, Just Plain Folks Music Awards. (Griffith/Willow); Producer James Coffey, Blue Vision Music. An Adoption Song from the point of view of an orphaned fox. I Want To Run Beneath The Raindrops, Lyric Nomination and Finalist, Just Plain Folks Music Awards. Written for my Mom. 2008, Miss Willow's Fence Row. (Griffith/Willow) A Parents' Choice Award. Produced by James Coffey, Blue Vision Children's Music. 2007, Love You More, (Lyrics; WL Cooper, Melody, Kaley Willow) Music City Songwriting Comp. Finalist. Bill Cooper wrote the lyrics as a birthday present for his wife; i wrote the melody/music. "Looking Back, How It All Began; From the Miss Willow's Fence Row Collection, 2006, Kaley Willow, was published as a fictional short story by "The "Pennsylvania Reader" September, 2006... Just Plain Folks Music Awards; Lyric Nominee, Little Brown Bear . A Josh Song when he was little. Snowflake published in print by Piano Press Publishing. A Winter song. 2004 . Blue Vision Music included the song, "Dancin' Down Under" Kaley Willow, Wyman Griffith on their Vocal Children's Sampler CD. Piano Press Publishing, California, published "The Goodnight Song" in their Song Book, " The Music Box and Other Delights." Lauryn sat on my lap when i wrote this one. We were counting fingers and toes. Most years I have the honor and privilege to play at The Feast Of Tabernacles in the fall. I occasionally do songwriting workshops for children and enjoy playing at Nursing Homes. I've been blessed to have some of my music sung by choirs, schools, receive airplay, and be used at dance classes.
Band/artist history
I began writing lyrics in 2000..and not long after that in 2001, began to hear melodies on a regular basis. I've been writing ever since. Sometime in late 2009, my songwriting focus changed... Have been writing inspirational , faith-based songs since then... and sometimes they come very fast and I can't keep up. It is a gift...from God as long as He allows me to continue writing...and I'm very thankful for His kindness and mercy.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I compose by ear. Although I'm not an accomplished pianist..I play and record the melodies I hear in my head. Am thankful for those who have recorded backing tracks and sung!
Your musical influences
Hymns, Rogers & Hammerstein and Billy Joel... Took Piano lessons in first, 2nd and part of third grade...and continued playing after that.
What equipment do you use?
GEM Pro-Mega III Boston Upright 126 E
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