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Coyote Chris
Coyote Chris
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A synth-pop solo act from North Little Rock, Arkansas.
Coyote Chr!s. "Coyote" is a sound of many sounds. When you hear my stuff it mainly sound like synth-pop but I take elements of pop, country, hip hop, rock, r&b, and more into my music. In one song you will hear the different vocals, the different sounds, and the different ideas I have for my song. Going into a song I never know what the song will come out like, I always hit the record button and just flow the music. I want to have the experimental sound like that of MGMT, Vampire Weekend, where its not like their music but I experiment with different sounds like they do. Mainly I like to say Michael Jackson, Prince, The Dream, Mika, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Metro Station, Owl City, La Roux, Lady Gaga, Kesha, Britney Spears, and even Jonas Brothers influence my sound! haha its a mix of many and please enjoy. All music is written, composed, arranged and recorded by Chris "Coyote Chr!s" Gatewood in 2010- 2011.
Band/artist history
Eversince I can remember I was either making up songs or writing stories and later drawing my own city skylines. I was a creative kid, and when I was around 10 years old I began getting more into songwriting, recording, poems, and scripts. One summer I tried my best, with the help of my parents, to make it with my scripts but I either got turned down, ignored or the agency was too expensive, my luck was bad. I was excited about this one agency and we went there and people told us that that agency was not there anymore and that was the last agency that we checked out and so I was depressed, put my stories anyway and decided to try it out with music and I have not look back since because everyday I'm recording a melody or coming up with some lyrics or discovering a new band or something of the sort. Other than trying to finish school, live a good life, and start up some bands! I still keep my head up for this dream. I have been turned down, ignored, talked about, and all of that when trying to make it with my music but I am soooo driven with this music, I'm still trying to make it and hours in front of the computer screen looking up labels, A&Rs, producers etc. is still going on with me even though I am talking with a record label right now that could really elevate my dream so we will see how it goes. Anyways, I love music, it's the air I breath, and I hope people will enjoy my sound, this sound is new to me also but I have soooo many more ideas of where I want to go with my music it's too just much! lol, anyway I want to touch the world with this sound so I hope everyone enjoys the music!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yup but not often since this is not a thriving area for pop music really. But the best example of how I want my band to sound like would be like Isreal Houghton, the Christian pop singer, he had the whole church rocking and he blew me out of there. He had the drums, sax, guitars, nice voice and background singers, he had it all...amazing! I have good fans from California to Pennslyvania that want me to come to their towns. I have done 2 shows locally, it was my 1st one and it was bad, and the second one was with a band and we did good, people liked us but I want to do more shows!
Your musical influences
MICHAEL JACKSON, PRINCE, Owl City, Mika, The-Dream, El DeBarge, Metro Station, Jonas Brothers, Zapp and Roger, MGMT, Vampire Weekend,Taylor Swift and the list goes on.
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha keyboard, MicroKorg Synthesizer/Vocoder, Microphone, Music Software, Audio Interface, and me.
Anything else?
www.myspace.com/lrjamzent Chris Gatewood on Facebook Coyote Chris on Facebook ilovememphis@sbcglobal.net is my e mail.
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