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One white guy who is 25 years old, stands 6'2 tall and weighs 200lbs. I am a passionate specific lyrical musician. I am a battle rapper and I can sing a few n
I come from Illinois, the middle of the MidWest, I grew up poor and hustled my way into money. I am now in Dallas, repping both Texas & Illinois. I perform here and use my music to expand my name, my fame and my change. I'm headed to the top!
Band/artist history
1982 = Born in Mattoon, Illinois. 1985 = Started kissing girls and driving them crazy. 1987 = Realized that I could get peoples attention by being talented. 1994 = Started rapping in my garage. 1998 = Started taking rapping very seriously. 2001 = Moved to Dallas. 2008 = Started opening for big time rappers such as, Devin tha Dude, Lil Flip, E-40, etc. Present = I am currently making new hot tracks and putting money into bigger and better shows.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live @ many clubs in Dallas, such as Palm Beach Club, Cirque, Ice Barr, just to name a few. I perform live because it is just in me to want that. My most special moment would have to be when I did a contest and rocked it so hard they cut my song short and kicked me out becuase too many people were feeling it and I'm white so that ain't right.
Your musical influences
I used to like Elvis and Micheal Jackson when I was a kid and they were my very first influences. As for rap, I first liked the Hot Boys, then DMX, of course Tupac and then Eminem. Today, I'm influenced by the top professionals.
What equipment do you use?
I use 2 computers, a Korg Board, a Butterfly microphone, but my produced, Young Gem has a professional studio that I use.
Anything else?
Fuck your life.