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Vocalist and violinist hoping to gain more band experience. Very imitative voice, can adapt to any style; very versatile violin player from Bach to rock.
O Come, Emmanuel (arr. Shober)
Peak in sub-genre #29
I'm a vocalist and violinist/fiddle player who enjoys playing with many different groups, any style, since I play "by ear". I have a master's degree in music performance from Temple University's Esther Boyer College of Music, where I learned composition and stage presence/acting. Put myself through college by singing solo and for bands (jazz, country, rock, contemporary Christian). I can play violin and sing in Celtic, folk, jazz, classical, country, or rock styles. Basically, I provide the notes that a group is missing or invent a descant, or if needed, I will sing the melody in the style required. Bought my first house with the money I earned as a strolling violinist (taking requests for hours at local restaurants/pubs).
Band/artist history
I'm not a band, I'm a Band-Aide! (sorry) I started gigging when I was 9. I've been performing onstage ever since. I am featured on a collaborative CD "Music for the Manger", both on vocals and violin, which was recorded live at Albright College for a charity benefit I and some other musicians did for Lifeline of Berks County...and I've done some other recording work as a backup musician, professionally. LOVE IT.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
YES, I currently play/sing solo and with a couple bands. My favorite of these is "Cookie and the Cutters". I'm their vocalist and backup violin/fiddle player. I've won a lot of fiddle competitions playing Irish stuff.
Your musical influences
I don't limit myself to one style, so this is a real melting pot: Roberta Flack, Judy Collins, Wynona Judd, Ella Fitgerald, Pink, Annie Lennox, Natalie Mac Master!!! Enya, Linda Eder, John Lennon, Katie Melua!!!, and many more.
What equipment do you use?
I have a violin made in Germany which is a good Strad copy, dated 1725, and a bow made in Brazil by Helio Cirillo...and a fit pair of vocal cords.
Anything else?
Does anyone else out there think the word "gig" is kinda goofy?? (snicker) I was featured on NPR radio as a guest and played a violin solo during my interview on the Motley Fool show broadcast.