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Struggle Street
Struggle Street
5 Tracks
As a Songwriter & producer, Struggle Street's songs have been described as sophisticated and timeless - connecting the listener deep within themselves for a exc
Australian Songwriter & Producer - Struggle Street aka Tony Maughan is an independent composer who fuse's the highly melodic pop/rock sounds and production values of the early 70's with the popular genres of today. His songs have been described as sophisticated and timeless - connecting the listener deep within themselves for a *"excellent chill warm experience" *The La-mé Brothers. All songs composed by Struggle Street are available to singers, bands, film, television and radio for the purpose of commercial production. Contact Stuggle Street to discuss song licensing and royalty rates. To purchase and download any songs go to: www.soundstation.com/StruggleStreet www.myspace.com/strugglestreet
Band/artist history
Primarily a songwriter and producer, Struggle Street started composing and recording in 1984 as an adjunct to his commercial interest as a recording studio proprietor and engineer. Years of writing and producing jingles and soundtracks and artists has seen SS evolve into a sophisticated mature songwriter. Struggle Street has released five albums over the past two decades. "Fisherman's Shore" released November 2006 "Struggle Street" released January 2004 "Mein Caca" released August 2002 "Moon at Daybreak" released June 2000 "The Immanuel Sound Years" 1984 -1987 "A Southern Soul" is currently in production with completion expected by September 2008
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, Im a songwriter & producer
Your musical influences
I grew up absorbing Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. I have been completely struck and influenced by the production and arrangement of "Seeds of Love" album by Tears for Fears, "Protection" by Massive Attack and in recent times "Aerial" by Kate Bush. Gus Dudgeon, Tony Visconti, Gary Katz, Howard Shore & Craig Armstrong are all influential in my arrangements and productions.
What equipment do you use?
Logic Studio 8, Alesis monitoring, Rhode NT2 & Sennhieser mikes, Motu & Mackie mixing/interfaces, usual outboard gear and midi modules, selection of acoustic, classical & electric guitars and Bass.
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