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BRC Bluesband - Juke And The Blue Joint
BRC Bluesband - Juke And The Blue Joint
Karlsruhe, Germany
May 20, 2008
6,618 plays
was founded in November '90 and after playing appr. 1000 gigs in GERMANY, ITALY, NETHERLANDS, AUSTRIA etc. the band is recommended as one of the most interesting performing acts of the german blues scene. JUKE AND THE BLUE JOINT as support act played a number of recommended Festivals with: B.B. KING * JEAN SHY * BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS * BLUES COMPANY * LUCKY PETERSON * ANGELA BROWN * CHRIS FARLOW * INGA RUMPF * LUTHER ALLISON * ERROL DIXON * MITCHEL FORMAN & CHUCK LOEB BAND * DAS DRITTE OHR * DIE ZLLNER * RAUSCH * JOACHIM KÜHN QUARTET * ALEX ORIENTAL EXPERIENCE * PAUL LAMP & THE KINGSNAKES * PAUL FIELD * ABI WALLENSTEIN & STEVE BAKER and many others !!! CD-RELEASES: The jazz-influence is especially documented through cooperation with tenor sax player BOB MINTZER (member of the Grammy-Award winning fusion band "The Yellow Jackets"), who did a horn arrangement "Help Me", release on the CD "Blue Moods" CD-RELEASES BLUE MOODS A real modern production, mixed in great sound quality. Extraordinary "Horn-Arrangements", this record is covering a real field of blues- and contemporary roots-music. Nominated for german music industry award "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik" ! ROUGH AND READY A radical Live-Album - performed in studio: JUKE & THE BLUE JOINT playing with the full energy of a real tight band and the record is mixed as rough as performed, keeping the total energy of their players. This one is a record to enjoy for ! INTO THE BLUES / JUKE & THE BLUE JOINT meets RON WILLIAMS : This work shows JUKE & THE BLUE JOINT even as a great backing band playing straightly in the tradition of blues mainstream performers. Good grooving, this cd is showing a number of Williams' Songs as well as a number of well known blues traditionals. The 2008-release WRONG TOOL TO GET PAID is, again, a complete live recording. 12 tracks recorded totally live, one take, in just two days and a great example how the band found their own way, to sound funky, but respect the great tradition of the Blues and the the soulful sound of Motown. First time the band really starts to write their own songs also. A definite highlight was a concert with the great B.B. KING, in december '94, which J&TBJ has been the opening act for. B.B. KING was realy impressed and invited the band after the show in his dressing room and this is his comment: "I?m no critic. I never would say this music is bad - this music is good. I listen to all kind of music. I listen to jazz of famous jazz musicians and it doesn?t move me. I listen to blues of famous players and it doesn?t moves me. But, yeah, this music does! This music realy moves me. You have a unusual sound, .... realy, a unusual sound. I love this kind of modern blues ! You can count on me, if you like you can use what I said in your papers - I mean what I say. What you are doing is very good. You have a good beat, good arrangements, good horns, good musicians - everybody, it's well done, the harp is great - what you want more ? BB King,on December 1st, 1994 ... some more credits ... Lucky Peterson: "That's it! Excellent Performance!" Louisiana Red: "Hey, this is a fantastic band! I really enjoyed to play with them! Damn - what a gig!" Chris Farlow: "This band is excellent, definitly!" Luther Allison: "This band is really on the way. Great band - and the harp player is incredible!" Ralph Pennland: "I heard this music and thought: Damn, what a band is this ? A few weeks ago I had recordings with Koko Taylor and Albert Collins and I tell you this band is good too ! Call me, Frank, if you are sick - I would love to sit in" Peter Erskine: "Wow, good fat beat - I like it!" Sterling W. Reaveley, Promoter, Colombus/USA: "The best German blues band I ever heard!" Dennis Chambers / Gary Grainger: "Pretty good, ....pretty good!! Please send me this CD. It sounds great, good played and it's modern. Fucking good." Toscho' Todorovic, Blues Company: "Sehr gute Produktion. Gerade für ein CD-Debüt ein unglaublich hohes Niveau." Dieter Kropp, Radio Bremen: "Sehr gute Band. Erstaunlich modern und vielseitig. Wirklich eine CD, die sich positiv aus der Masse hervorhebt." Detlev Hoegen, Crosscut Rec./Radio Bremen: "Gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut. Für unsere Breitengrade ungewohnt kalifornisch; sprich laid back, virtuos und perfekt im Klang."
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