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Krow Botis
Krow Botis
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jiager, lead guitarist texas, guitarist texas, musician fort worth, musician texas, musician 76110, rock, alternative, latin, progressive, experimental, funk/ro
This is Krow Botis. I am going to make music for a living. and refuse to settle. it's just me at the moment and i'm looking for fellow musicians.
Band/artist history
3 bands 3 break ups. that was 3 years ago. Trying again.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
not yet
Your musical influences
What do I enjoy listening to? (can't be original if We sound like them but for you here I go) In no particular order: Alice in Chains, The offspring, Deftones, Muse, Duncan Sheik, The Eagles, Mr. Bungle, SystemOAD, Cold, Tool, Michael Buble, Tenacious D, Tears for Fears, Queen, Trance, Yakko Wakko and Dot, Arturo Sandoval, Kool and the Gang, Toadies, Chevelle, Die Arzte, megadeth, gorillaz, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, incubus, jamiroquai, JOSE Feliciano, Michael Jackson, stevie wonder, Jim Morrison. Hope that narrows it down. ;)
What equipment do you use?
spider amp, ltd electric guitar, acoustic electric.
Anything else?
http://www.myspace.com/krowbotis This is memyspace. I despise that sight(site), however. i've been searching on craigslist 4 a while and everyong keeps asking for a sample so here a sample and just one. The song should have processed through the network by the 20 de mayo. okayo? Male/20/Fort Worth looking for band mates from 19 to 25ish. What am I looking for? Extremely Motivate, SKILLED musicians. Talent has slown down many of my bretheren rockers, due to no effort required, causing a butterfly effect where all dreams die. I hope you have an ear for music. by that I mean, the ear determining whether one is in-tune or the opposite. Can you tune w/out a electronic device? As long as your in key, it's all good. But are you Sure. How about if your dragging or rushing. You gotta have a good metronome or clock in your head. If not at least the ability to obey the drummers song. Speaking of...I need these instruments to have. . . Drummer: Metal Style, Double Bass Mastery, can learn new time signatures, variety, a little reading (mostly rhythms, rudiments or perhaps some marching band experience. enjoys the likes from Tool or Matt Savage. But if ya got chops then by all means. Bassist: Funk Related, Punk Related, all your basic "UNK's", creativity on simplicity, enjoys the likes of motown, Kool and the Gang, MXPX, whatevera... knowledge of at least some of the notes on your beloved instrument would be nice for speedy practice time. The above two are very important, one keeps time the other keeps Key. If your at least up to the challenge, reply via mail of the electronic kind. Rhythm Guitarist: Ska or acoustic related. Enjoys spicing songs up with riffs here and there between the basic "play what the bass plays." Knows at least three ways to play the same chord, understands how to build full chords, a little theory and a little reading go a long way. (im actually pretty horrible at reading, but what I have begun to teach my self is really fleshing out). Lead Guitarist: I consider my self Lead guitarist(of course every body applys for that position) However I see no reason in denying a soloist the opportunity to merge into a soli. Or even a duel? Must have 3 fingering styles for the same scale. Good scales are the such as: Major, Minor, Aug+, Dim-, Hungarian Minor, 7th, blues, pentatonic(not blues), But hey, if you have the ear such as slash, bring it on. Lyricist and or Singer: anyone in the band can write or sing their song or another of two partys agree. However it is important that the lyricist have lyrics for multiple moods. I don't want to listen to slow burners the whole way through, make me laugh, cry, feed my aggresion, deny my love, whatever, bring a full serving to the table as far as creative writing styles, ryhthms and tones. Singer:Can you Sing? ask a stranger not a friend. Range is good to have and not just high range. Low is just as important. Are you a Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass. Can you distort your voice. Can you be soft and hard. Can you copy what my guitar does? How about my drum? Reading is good and the EAR is important. Keyboardist/Keytaurist/synthesizer/DJ/etc...: Not really looking for you. however, if you believe with your heart that music it what you want for the rest of your life, even denying a steady check in the mail for a dream of turmoil and fun. Bring me something original. The more the more the more possibilities. Read the above and make sure you can multi-task some of the above options from the other instruments preferred requirements. (try chord re-arrangement. Theory and reading. Creativity and obsession are the only true requirements for this gig. I don't care if you do drugs, drink, ding-dong-ditch, y'know whatever you do on your own time is your business. When it comes to music, as long as we click and function as one in jam periods. Who gives a FUCK! It's all about the music man. (bob marley) Just Contact me if interested. regardless of your fears of i don't think ima good enough or "He's asking to much". We'll agree or agree to disagree. But I want this for my life at any cost. I refuse to be trapped into a life in which I do not belong. I will not settle for a life I do not enjoy. P.S. Girls have been the main reason my bands have broken up. I'm no woman hater but if you have a dame, man up and stand for what you want. Don't settle cause there's another one comin' cause once your on stage. the options will open. Peace Out! IZWEBHEAD@yahoo.com