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Danny Hewitt Music
Danny Hewitt Music
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Rock Punk
May 19, 2008
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Not so much a band, as a guy with a guitar, laptop, microphone and some spare time. I used to be in Sheffield based punk band 5FD until we kinda split in early 2008, its complicated. Now until I get to start playing in a new band I am making songs in my room. The drums and Bass are all completely programmed using software and the guitars and vocals are recorded using a USB interface for my iBook G4. At the moment I am putting ideas together for some new songs that may get used at some point, and I have been working on songs we wrote in 5FD but never really aired. Its kind of cool to make sure those songs saw the light of day... I have also made some cover versions of non punk songs in a punk style. I make these tracks for my own personal amusement, so I don't play shows or make money or anything like that... its all just for the fun of it.
Band/artist history
I don't have a band history because this project started yesterday to help reduce my boredom levels.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
In my bedroom, Sheffield
Your musical influences
I like lots of different genres of music. My first love was techno and happy hardcore when I was little but then my thirst for fast music lead me to punk rock. Since then I have never looked back. I am also partial to ska, pop and drum and bass.
What equipment do you use?
Fender Stratocaster, iBook G4, M-Audio USB interface, Logic Pro Software.
Anything else?
Hello, Thanks for checking out my tracks, I will be uploading more very soon!
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