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The White Noise Radio
The White Noise Radio
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White Noise Radio is a new breed of Electronica Laced Indie Rock. Guitar crunch, piano, acoustic tracks, new wave synth, and hyper melodic hooks make WNR's deb
White Noise Radio is the product of many sleepless nights in a little NY underground studio. As most of the East Coast sleeps, I am obssessing over how to make an old $50 keyboard sing my emotions. With just the right amount of guitar crunch, soaring melodies, and perfectly off-key crooning...I'll get your attention someday. Check out www.thewhitenoiseradio for more. The debut album is coming! much love, xxVinnie V.xx WHITE NOISE RADIO
Band/artist history
I have fronted countless ROCK and PUNK bands...the last of which were Your Mother, and Savior Hate. With internships in pro studios and opening gigs for Nationals I've stood face to face and watched the big boys play. I've felt what it's like to have hundreds of people locked in on your every move and sound...it's addicting. I'm hungry for more ;) check www.thewhitenoiseradio.com for more.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live performance are coming to a music venue near you...stay tuned.
Your musical influences
White Noise Radio utilizes cheap keyboards, modern effects, ambitious symphonic crunch, and atmoshperic guitar to create a unique indie rock sound. Some influences are The Cure, The Postal Service, Pink Floyd, Sexy Women, 80's Feel Good Movies, Video Games, and Prescription Drugs.
What equipment do you use?
Fender, Ludwig, Yamaha, Boss, Ibanez