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Greenhouse Effect
Greenhouse Effect
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grunge , little steven's underground garage , punk , metal ,
The Greenhouse Effect are a three piece band with some of the internet's biggest most recognized songs with videos; WHITE BLACK THANG, ADDICTED, BRANDY, MISOGYNISTIA, SNAKE, NO. 1, THE MAGIC MAN, MANIPULATION, SEARCH AND DESTROY...ALL of these classic fine songs come from G.e. Clark Hagins ; Vocals, Drums, Guitars Rick Carmody ; Bass , vocals Phil Keegan ; guitars, vocals and that obligatory 'host' of various drummers; Martin Silva - 1991 and 1992 Pelle Carlson - 1991 and 1992 Greg Tarpley - 1991 Rich Hebben - 1986,87 ..and then again 90' Mikey Valencia 1990
Band/artist history
Greenhouse Effect originated the idea for a three piece 'grunge punkish' rawk band with a little 'genious' front guy upfront. Long before there was a Nirvana or Green Day, there was indeed a G.e. Way before the 'alternative scene' broke out in 1991, G.e. were working hard, mailing labels and lawyers, playing gigs, taking pictures, and perfecting the alcohol party life of the south bay in white suburbia....Ge would boast of their own self discovery and other bands would work to copy and keep up with G.e. Ge were so innovative as they would record songs and their own 'albums' and they would sell them in local record stores....You need to LEARN ABOUT GE AND YOU WILL and you can at; www.theGreenhouseEffectRocks.com Clark Hagins would 'invent' weird things and contraptions as far back as when he was 4 and would paint pictures, write stories and songs from the time he was three ..he taught himself guitar and drums with no lessons except for the guy who sang in the church came by 251 and taught him g, a, and D ...(He couldn't handle holding down f) ..on accoustic guitar ...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Greenhouse Effect performed live for many years through out the South Bay area of Redondo Beach and Torrance California and as far away as the Bay area. They played the huge Wilson Park festivals in Torrance on bills with other great bands.
Your musical influences
David Bowie, the Who, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Stones, the Monkees, etc........
What equipment do you use?
Peavey , Premier drums, Marshalls, fender, Ibanez, Carvin , Clark Haggins Personalized guitar gear
Anything else?
Check out ge also at Youtube.com/sharkge7 and learn about Clark Haggins poetry and politix at; musicnation.com and www.myspace.com/greenhouseEffectRedondo
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