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Doug Brushell
Doug Brushell
2 Top 50
2 Tracks
Always different, always good.
Never For Nothing
Peak position #46
Let's Have A Good Time
Peak position #24
Band/artist history
I fell in love with the drums, after watching "The Gene Krupa Story" starring Sal Mineo, when I was a kid. From then on music has played a major role in my life. After playing in high school orchestra, I also played in a variety of ambitious garage bands. In all of the G.B.s I handled all of the booking and promotion, but it was my desire to actually get paid that drove me to begin working a music business person (booking, managing, road-managing). It wasn't until I began my relationship with God that I found any satisfaction as a musician. Since then I have had my own business promoting Christian concerts, and began to use my music to worship God. Well, that's my story contact me if you have any questions or want to hear more of the story...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Absolutely! Nearly every week at Believers' Chapel in Canastota, NY. I also play at others churches and coffeehouses and conferences. I love playing LIVE because it's so unpredictable and immediate.
Your musical influences
Moody Blues Deep Purple Pink Floyd The Beatles Heart Early Genesis
What equipment do you use?
I use a Taylor 810 (6-String), a Takamine 410CE (12-String), and an Alvarez (Yairi 25th Anniversary, Classical Guitar)
Anything else?
In February 2001 I had a life-saving Lung Transplant, and I thank God for every minute I have and every breath that I take. I have an amazing wife, 3 children and 4.3 grandchildren, with our 5th due in September 08.