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Dee Dee Parker
Dee Dee Parker
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The Hottest Keyboard Player: Minister Shon Gray Producer The Hottest Guitarist: Bro. Ron Miriman The Smoothest Bassists: Bro. Paul The Most Dedicated band Le
Thank You
Peak in sub-genre #14
Hey Ya'll, This is Dee Dee Parker. I'm trying real hard out here to bring Souls to the Kingdom! This is the hardest jo I've ever had, but it pays the most. You see my reward come from the Most High, The Almighty God! Man can't pay me what I'm worth. I'm sold out for Christ! Every gift I have I use it to uplift the Name of God! We have time to be playing around. Jesus Christ is coming back, riding on a cloud busting through the Hemisphere. Everyone everywhere will Witness this and if you ain't ready, my,my then you won't be rolling out with the Son of God! So if ya' stay ready you ain't gotta get ready. Getch' game face on, because Spiritual Warfare is Real! Please Enjoy the Music!
Band/artist history
the House Band for: Sunday Night Open-Mic Talent Night Angel City Churches Every where big or small, I never care!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm a singer,songwriter,producer, flutists,I play a few keys, and drums and percussion. I am also writing a few books, a sit-com, and two screen-plays. I love what I do? and I know that only what you do for Christ will last!
Your musical influences
Fred Hammon Chaka Chan Marvin gaye Stevie Wonder
What equipment do you use?
My voice, my Soul, the Holy Ghost! Pen and Pad,Korg-Trition, Shure Mic, Logic
Anything else?
Calling all carpenters! God's building a city, and He needs your help! Grab some Amor! get your sword( the Bible) and let's go help! One prayer is better than No prayer! Dee Dee Parker