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DJ m3mphis
DJ memphis is an electro artist who creates his sound around the ideas of electro, electro punk, house, and pop style music. With catchy lyrics and warped soun
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Just Let Go
Memphis is an electro artist that writes originals. Using punk and pop sounding riffs filled with heavy bass and intense sounds DJ Memphis makes the beats drop and keeps the heavy sounds flowing to keep the walls shaking.
Band/artist history
Memphis has been writing electronic music for years. Starting at an early age with music and going on to play various instruments from a young age, Memphis began recording and soon after discovered the wonderful world of creating electronic music. Always an avid listener of electro, house, drum n' bass, and techno, Memphis soon began to realize his true calling, and after years of studying music, recording, and playing many different styles, DJ Memphis went on to pursue that calling...electro music. With the poppy upbeat disco sounding style, he knew this was his niche and soon began to warp his own style of ideas into electro to make an electro punk/retro style that really has no boundaries.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Memphis will be performing live soon...keep your pants onI'm finishing an album first.
Your musical influences
everything and everyone.
What equipment do you use?
Mac, Digidesign, Propellerhead, Ableton, NI, Korg, Roland, lots more.
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