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CaliBoy CalWayne
CaliBoy CalWayne
14 Tracks
I consider myself a band of one, in the party of many. I Engineer, produce, write, record, mix, master, and publish my own materials.
14 songs
Harmony Melody Rhythm Rhyme Using these four principles, I, Caliboy deliver music to your ears. Face your fears and dry your tears, beyond the drear lies blue skies so clear, so smile, smile for me.
Band/artist history
I, Caliboy Calwayne, was born in Water Valley, St. Thomas, Jamaica. As a kid I discovered the dance halls and adopted the dance floor as my home away from home. There I discovered a life unlike the everyday life of so many others. Music united me with people from all walks of life, and I liked that. I genuinely lookout for people because I realized a long time ago, through my interaction with a multitude of people, that we are all human being with similar desires. The brighter side of life tend to motivate us all to look towards better days and full-joy the present gifts of companionship. One Love!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
When I play live around LA, I enjoy all my performances. Each show brings a new experience, and the energy is unreal. I just like sharing some of the good music I've been able to make with my neighbors all over.
Your musical influences
I am inspired by the sounds and songs of Reggae, Hip Hop, Dane Hall, R&B, and Electronic grooves; as I am motivated by the need of humanity to know better truths and elevate to new heights.
What equipment do you use?
I am from a new school, where electronics is electronics. And they are used as tools to help you achieve desired effects. I look at results without excess, so I use Reason Record, Pro Tools, Mixcraft, T-Racks, an Axiom MIDI Keyboard, a Groove Tube 4 setting mic, and some X-Groove monitors to bring life to the music, then I bring it to you live with the Hip Hop master, DJ! Movin' to a higher vibration! Stay elevated.
Anything else?
Feel free to download free tracks, or purchase a single to show your support. Your feedback on how you are feeling certain tracks will be helpful too. Posted materials are not stagnant, they may still be edited and updated from time to time, all in an effort to make each track as good as time permits. The completed album of each track will have the finalized version. PGV
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